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beBee Global - Try buzzing around in a new language

 beBee Global - Try buzzing around in a new language

I love beBee and all the marvelous bees/abelhas/abejas/api/abeilles/bienen
~ Deb Helfrich

I tend to be an outlier. Affinity is great. But why I am really here on beBee every day is the global mindset I noticed from the very beginning. A large part of why I use social media is to meet new people all over the world. But I am a typical american in one way - I was not exposed to any languages beyond English when I was in my window of being able to imprint more than my mother tongue with ease. I struggle with communicating outside of English, even though I did study French, German, and Italian at the college level and spent 2 summers in immersion classes at L'Institut Catholique en Paris. My exposure to Spanish has all been real life immersion. But I don't let that stop me - especially in a virtual world.

Google Translate to the rescue! Let's try to read a buzz in Portuguese...

(As an aside - Franciane's buzz was right at the top of my home page and we all know I have a bit to say about mindfulness. This is really an actual example of why I spend my time on beBee)

I like to manage my desktop for ease of use. beBee is in Firefox and then I have Chrome open for gmail and google-hangouts. I open a new tab just for google translate so it is always easy access. My left wrist unconsciously wields the muscle memory of Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V and Ctrl-X.

 beBee Global - Try buzzing around in a new languageThe thing that is really great is that you are not limited to translating word by word; you can paste in full sentences..... yep, even an entire buzz!

 beBee Global - Try buzzing around in a new language

But the fun doesn't stop with the reading. If you know me, you know I have to leave a comment. All I do is switch the languages in reverse and type in my comment and translate it into Portuguese and then copy and paste into the beBee comment box:

 beBee Global - Try buzzing around in a new language  beBee Global - Try buzzing around in a new language

I am here to have conversations, and I am not going to let a technicality like only speaking English get in my way. I am not afraid to look a little foolish on occasion, as I am sure there are plenty of quirks in this approach. But beBee is a friendly place - I bet I make quite a few friends with this approach.

What do you think? Are you willing to approach a new person communicating solely via the technological wonder of instant translation? What about other tools?

Addendum - to prove my point, just as quickly as I could reload my browser, I had a notification from my friend Flavio -

 beBee Global - Try buzzing around in a new language

Addendum 2: The word is out! It took under an hour for Javier to see that our global community and the ability to converse in across languages is a HUGE differentiator

 beBee Global - Try buzzing around in a new language

Deb 🐝 Helfrich 25/10/2016 · #35

#34 @Keith Bare - my point exactly, it is time to wake up and enjoy all the world has to offer without constantly banging on about us. From the very beginning, the global attitude & opportunity here was my differentiator, the reason I looked around and decided that this was the best place to spend my time. I always found it a little funny that some people would question the accuracy of the views when they never bothered to see what was happening in any of the Spanish language hives.... but I am an observer.

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Keith Bare 25/10/2016 · #34

#27 we as Americans, almost come prepackaged in our egos, that USA is the BEST place to live, English is the ONLY language, Dollars are the only currency, and Christianity is the ONLY religion!! That's why I am really liking Bebee to talk and see other cultures and other peeps opinions.

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Irene Hackett 7/10/2016 · #33

Shared on twitter also - I love this @Deb Helfrich

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#30 Yes, I agree, Deb.

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Deb 🐝 Helfrich 7/10/2016 · #30

#29 #21 Well, Lets make sure he knows.... I just shared to LinkedIn and mentioned Mark M-G. He has a very dedicated and large following, so it can be hard to start over on beBee, but his writing would really be embraced on this platform. And like a lot of us, he could start off copying and pasting posts from LI.

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#21 #25 I am a fan of Mark M-G. I was hoping to see him share some of his very worthy articles on beBee.

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 6/10/2016 · #28

Yes Deb Helfrich you captured the international flavor of beBee..well done 😉

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Deb 🐝 Helfrich 6/10/2016 · #27

#26 Many thanks for the tweeting, @John White, MBA - met 3 new people in the twitter-verse who I will be chatting with on beBee in no time. Many really important personal and professional and successful opportunities start with a few words exchanged by strangers!

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