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Commenting on beBee – An Uncommon Way to Build Community

Commenting on beBee – An Uncommon Way to Build Community

There are a lot of people talking about how the 'new' key to networking is to add value. I've read it dozens of times in the last couple weeks. But how often do you hear about what to do to demonstrate your value?

A thoughtful comment or question on someone else's post about why you liked it or why it resonated with what you are working on today can help you build an engaging conversation – not merely between yourself and the writer of the article, but between everyone else who reads the comments.

If you do this for a week, you wonder if you are doomed to hear crickets forever. If you continue commenting for a second and third week, you will start to grow your connections authentically with people who like to read the stuff you like to read and with people who think a little bit like you. If you stick with commenting thoughtfully on a handful of posts a day - by the end of a month you will have created your own beBee community.

Instead of networking, you will have created an online community of folks with whom you are having engaging conversations – day in and day out. Lots of these people won't even be in your own town; you could have only ever met them via the serendipity of a global platform like beBee. Eventually via these comments and through the conversations you will have via your new online community – you will find yourself getting opportunities that you could not have dreamed possible a couple months ago; before you started adding value by commenting on other's posts on beBee.

This approach has worked really well for me, and I'll offer a few 'guidelines' that have proven useful to me when I want to leave a comment:

~You want to mention the author of the post. If you type a Capital Letter and then a couple more characters of the author's name, you will get some suggestions appearing below the comment box. When you do this, the author will get a notification that you left a comment, and guess what? It will make them smile. Even author's with lots of views wonder what people think about what they write. If you have a comment to leave, make sure the author knows about it by mentioning them.

~You can also mention anyone you are connected with who might enjoy the post or have something to add to the conversation. You can even mention strangers who have already commented on this specific post. Using the mention capability is how you have conversations on beBee – try it out. As an aside, occasionally the mention functionality doesn't work – I will typically copy my comment into a document and then reload the browser – it tends to work, but not always. And please be respectful when you mention, don't try to bait someone on a hot topic – have a private conversation in that case.

~What to say? Well, I like to pull out a quote from the article that really resonated with me. And then I just say what comes naturally. I will confess that I actually put thought into my comments. I don't just dash them off at the speed of the internet. Trust me, people will notice if you put in the effort.

Give it a try. I'd love for you to come back and tell me how this strategy worked for you.

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Robbie Newport 8/12/2018 · #164

I think you're right about this point, if I spent a couple of minutes after every article and video I read and viewed to leave a comment, this would grow my online efforts in authentic and larger ways than even posting articles on different networks without interacting. I guess it's just takes putting yourself out there more than just watching or reading anonymously. Good insight, thanks.

Chris 🐝R Guest 31/8/2018 · #163

#162 She has been quiet indeed 

Cyndi wilkins 30/8/2018 · #162

Thanks @Javier 🐝 beBee...Perhaps resurrecting her 'commenting' post will wrestle @Deb 🐝 Helfrich out of retirement;-)

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Preston 🐝 Vander Ven 30/8/2018 · #161

#160 @Flo Salisbury great point. I view the best value in an online community in Usable Content, Comments that bring more conversation to the article, or creating relationships. Comments that are straight out criticism without the goal of a true conversation is an example of something in an online community that can be seen as worthless or plain disrespect.

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Flo Salisbury 15/8/2018 · #160

The key to getting noticed online is to produce value! :)

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Cyndi Docy 9/8/2018 · #159

Thank you Deb. I enjoyed your buzz immensely.  I will definitely use some of this.  Thanks again. 

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Javier 🐝 beBee 1/8/2018 · #158

#155 @Scott Simmerman yes: but I have a different point of view: . thanks for your comment !!

Javier 🐝 beBee 1/8/2018 · #157

#156 @William Ortiz welcome to beBee !