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Life – A User's Manual

Life – A User's Manual

One of the most important skills I have found I possess is my ability to observe and pay attention. I am mostly so enrapt at the bounty of what I see, hear, and listen to that I would love to be rich enough to dedicate my life to the art of being a flâneur. A term employed most famously today by Nassim Nicolas Taleb – who strolled his way to authoring a couple tremendously important books – The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable and Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder.

If you are not familiar with NNT (as I like to call him) he could easily be described as the philosopher's Malcolm Gladwell. Both books are richly dense and full of prose poetry and wide-ranging insights across almost all bodies of knowledge. The first is quite easy to summarize - we believe there are only white swans for quite some time, until our experience is such that we see a black swan – then our entire belief structure around what is possible must come into question. I find it utterly frustrating that so many arguments on the internet are deemed settled by the absence of a LINK to a supposedly definitive study. Really? These people will disbelieve their own experiences simply because someone has not provided funding to explore in a very controlled and often microscopic way a certain topic. That is a fragile intelligence. The improbable happens all the time – studies might show it is a daily occurrence.

 Wind extinguishes a candle and energizes fire.

NNT - Antifragile

What Taleb takes us through in exhaustive detail is the truth that our scheming and dreaming minds convince us that we know a lot about reality and what will occur, when the truth is that we do not. And that by fooling ourselves into complacency that our science is near complete we are not truly being at one with the majestic complexity of life as available to us in this universe we have at our disposal for such a short time.

Cultivating Antifragility is the antidote.

Likewise with randomness, uncertainty, chaos; you want to use them, not hide from them. You want to be the fire and wish for the wind. This summarizes this author's nonmeek attitude to randomness and uncertainty.

NNT - Antifragile

I am trying to be at one with the wind in my life and today I failed miserably. It's been challenging for months. I am out of money and craving really meaningful work and my overwhelmed mind is shutting down on a very regular basis. I feel as though I have been open and observant for years and for some reason, the improbable continues occurring. I am unable to earn money.

 Life is more, a lot more, labyrinthine than shown in our memory – our minds are in the business of turning history into something smooth and linear, which makes us underestimate randomness.

NNT - Antifragile

Which turns me to the book I just happened to retrieve from storage this weekend, so that it sat on my desk as I read Gert Scholtz' recent tribute to DonQuixote.

Life – A User's Manual

The book is Life: A User's Manual (titled La Vie, mode d'emploi in its original French) by Georges Perec. I read this book very close to 30 years ago and I can think of few that have impacted me so profoundly. Within this book are stories of life. The framework is that the 500 pages take us through the lives of the inhabitants of a hôtel particulier – a mansion turned into 20 to 30 separate apartments. As with so much in life, an accurate count is quite difficult as it changes over time as floors are subdivided and then consolidated based on the fortunes of the occupants. The central story of the book in many ways is the tale of BartleBooth. A rich man who does not need to work, and who decided to occupy his time on his own terms.

 In other words, Bartlebooth resolved one day that his whole life would be organised around a single project, an arbitrarily constrained programme with no purpose outside its own completion.


He decided to take 10 years to learn to paint watercolors. 20 years to travel the world painting a seascape each fortnight which he would send to a craftsman who would apply the watercolor to a backing and cut it into a puzzle. And then he would return to France and spend 20 years reassembling each seascape puzzle in order over a fortnight. Once reassembled, he would send the watercolor back to its port of origin and have it dipped in a solution that would strip the paint and leave a blank piece of paper.

Thus no trace would remain of an operation which would have been, throughout a period of fifty years, the sole motivation and unique activity of its author.


What strikes me as improbable, very fragile, and profoundly uncomfortable is that most of us embark on a similar programme of non-historical purposes, only without the means of wealth, we would just call it a career.

I am looking for a personal quest to finish out my days and it feels so close and yet so far. Does anyone else have a similar quixotic yearning?

Life is improbable yet full of antifragility – why not be quixotic?

Deb Helfrich

Deb Helfrich 28/9/2016 · #45

#35 "Strong enough" can we hashtagify that, @Aaron Skogen? T-shirtify? As is my standard MO, I am working my way through these absolutely fabulous comments and trying to bring together a picture of my what's next document. A resume is not the answer - I know I can learn almost anything, contribute effectively to just about any organization - in fact, that is kinda my working mission statement. I don't want to niche down - I want to expand across many vast landscapes. Utilizing the fact that I am participating in many conversations to bring perspectives into focus from unexpected arenas.

"The chance to impact the life of another, nothing more, just the chance, the opportunity." This is a pretty revolutionary statement, my friend. An entirely new way to quantifying success. This I am pondering extensively.

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Lisa Gallagher 28/9/2016 · #44

#32 @Cyndi wilkins, I admire that you are taking care of your dad. That is a very tough job within itself- add another layer, our lovely healthcare system and yes the frustration is overwhelming. Keep seeking and remember, one day at a time. Big hugs, your stronger than you think! Love your comment @Aaron Skogen, very uplifting.

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Aaron 🐝 Skogen 28/9/2016 · #43

#38 Glad I could give you a little lift @Cyndi wilkins. I've needed some heavy doses lately myself. Hang in there, you too are strong enough!

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Deb Helfrich 28/9/2016 · #42

#21 @Laura Mikolaitis - we are meaning making creatures and when we are adrift, we often paddle a little too hard, maybe even verging on the frantic, when we should really be able to assess and realize that staying afloat is the smartest use of our energy.

Let's both utilize the float time to dream and prepare and stay open to what arrives.

You've prompted me to my next post.....

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Melissa Hefferman 28/9/2016 · #41

#39 Green is your Heart and my favourite colour! You know I've never read Black Swan, I'll have to purchase it but I'm on a bit of a reading bubble break and am saying Hello to The World and Life these days instead so I'll add it to my future reading mood list. And oh my goodnes, I truly just do think you're wonderful, yay for allowing and for people sharing and supporting and creating!! Ok I best go work now.ha Enjoy your day and keep the Faith! There be miracles in this Universe of ours for certain. Hugs!

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Deb Helfrich 28/9/2016 · #40

#19 I am glad you've found your spot, Brian. You offer an example of just opting out and moving forward. The american dream is so puzzlingly specific and compact. Surely many people see how bereft of choice and meaning it really is. Which leads to figuring out the where and what and who, we choose in our wild and precious lives.

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Deb Helfrich 28/9/2016 · #39

#22 I have had a few improbables in my life, too, @Melissa Hefferman. And I cherish them immensely. But then my analytical streak starts to try to scheme and dream and make manifest some more magic.

That is why I felt compelled to remind myself of Black Swan events and my deep knowledge that I am made of Antifragility, along with this painterly quest that has remained in my mind for the length of my adulthood.....

I'm not particularly au courant with Pink, but Green, now that is a persona a might be able to carry off....

Here is to ALLOWING!

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Cyndi wilkins 28/9/2016 · #38

, " God gave you this life because you were strong enough to live it!" Thank you for this very important reminder @Aaron Skogen...That just gave me a lift;-)

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