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Slanting Reality

Slanting Reality

What if you never learned how to level it all out?

What if you always perceived your life from an off-kilter state?

What if instead of a natural equilibrium, you always got it tilted?

From this rocky start, is there a way to ground, anew?

Plant feet firmly, squarely on solid earth within a swiftly swirling planet.

From initial conditions obscured in the mist of time,

I became a person who I did not intend to become.

And now what?

Nothing feels centered.

No love soothes my jagged soul.

All perceived as inconsequential drudgery,

Because I didn't grow whole.

I'm behind bars of my own perception,

but I cannot discover the path to walk completely around.

Find a new vantage point.


Express love freely.

Untether my soul.

I feel the freedom, but it eludes concrete actions.

Each step, happens as though mired in sludge.

I don't know what to do.

Some moment soon, I will soar, catch the current of flow that will ignite my life.

Until then, I write....

Melissa Hefferman Jul 17, 2017 · #5

#4 Chanegable, yes. Impermanence... what if even thinking centric you let go of the solidity? I've found it strange indeed that when I do the actions, the next step, the hows and go this way child whisperings on a breeze, have an odd way of showing up.

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Deb Helfrich Jul 17, 2017 · #4

#3 In my very thinking-centric life, I guess I do regard even a tiny little micro-action, as solid and lasting in the way that in my mind the world is always ever-changeable.

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Melissa Hefferman Jul 17, 2017 · #3

Ah but are actions concrete? It's rarely one, they are made of many interconnected seen and unseen fluid-y choices and reactions and imaginings. You've penned them. You're already on your way! Now close your eyes, spread your wings and Fly. :)

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Deb Helfrich Jul 17, 2017 · #2

#1 That transgression would only extract a calm smile, @Lyon Brave. Way too much has transpired to worry about fallen rocks!

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Lyon Brave Jul 17, 2017 · #1

i'm going to kick your stack of rocks over and ask you to be calm about it

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