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Trust Your Senses, Embodied Wisdom for the Modern Age

THERE IS A PLETHORA OF ANXIETIES from living in our modern world. People are disengaged in workplaces that require us to be switched on to technology 24/7 and deal with logic and reason that ignore how we feel about our work, life and our relationships. Many people are lonely and alienated at home, passing from relationship to relationship not quite being able to work out how to be true to ourselves and true to a partner.

We are swamped by a sea of information, and people telling us how to live our lives.

To have a reprieve of the incessant chatter from thinking about things, we are enticed by the peace of mindfulness training, meditation techniques or yoga to find some rest in a busy day.

It helps, .... a little.

Then we are back on the highway of busyness, thinking and more thinking.

Are we doing too much thinking for own good? Are we creating an “out of body experience” that leads us to much of the stress, anxiety and conflict we experience today?

Trust Your Senses, Embodied Wisdom for the Modern Age

We have long been told to stop and smell the roses. But we do not seem to be able to stop. Does being told help? If we can not sense ease and peace when in a garden or the joy of a connected relationship, why would we stop our busyness?

What might we discover, if we learned to pause and in those moments sink into our bodies, breathe deep, feel our feet firmly planted on the ground and sensed wisdom through how we were moving, our body shape, our voice tone?

Would we get up from a meeting and suggest to everyone, let’s take a break, go for a walk and come back in 5 minutes refreshed?

Would we stop and say something affirming and appreciative?

Would we laugh at ourselves and within that laughter discover a new insight as we took the pressure off forcing an outcome of some kind?

What if we found that by taking our attention to our body and our senses we found a new sense of being grounded in our body that felt solid and safe, like we are at home?

From this grounded state we listen in to our physicality, not only our emotions, how our energy shifts, what we sense when we belong, what it takes to step up and lead or to step aside and choose to follow.

We have been too busy listening to the voices in our head so we drowned out the physical sensory ways our body talks to us. Our body knows when we need sleep, only we don’t listen. Our body knows what food brings us to life and what food makes us slow, only we don’t listen. Our body knows we need fresh air, walking and plants are rejuvenating, only we don’t listen.

Have we become too knowledgeable, sanitized and anaesthetised about things for our own good?

When we think, without sensing a connection between what we are thinking and how that affects us and others we become alienated. This spirals out of control as the more dis-connected we are, the more we do not sense the dis-connection. So we end up like cats chasing their tales, going around and around in circles going no-where fast.

We do not have to wait to crash and burn to re-connect with an innate body wisdom. There is a 21st-century Senses (R)evolution opening up, if we just take a moment to stop, breathe, feel and sense who we are and what is happening to us. This evolution is awakening our latent senses, intuition, and energetic capacities to discover a world of richness at our fingertips, in the complexity of our modern world.

Body-focused health, art, nature and creative pursuits have emerged from an unconscious need to reconnect with our whole body and to experience a more centred awareness.

Today we can learn to tune into a secret inner body language, which does not arise when we ‘think’ in words alone. We can learn from trusting our gut, our senses, and finding wisdom in the energy of our movement.

As a result, we experience a sense of returning to our whole selves. All we have to do is make a choice. Notice, sense, play, and discover the world with our whole body, mind, energy and imagination, and sense what exciting insights arise.

To our sense of play, and new discovery.

My name is Deb Lange. I am passionate about human potential, the interconnections of people, science, business, nature and the arts. My family, cooking, walking, playing and creating are integral to my life.

Ever since I can remember I have been a social scientist. My first studies taking place in my family. Being the youngest of 3, I did lots of observing, witnessing and mediation of conflict between my older bother and sister. I was fascinated with what created peace and fun times within our family, and what created angst and alienation. As an adult I continued to explore social systems at work, in families and society.

After much formal study in the early part of my life, I began to look in other places to seek out the knowledge I needed to create success in holistic terms terms for my life and work. One of my many alternative studies was on holistic human development and social artistry practices with Dr Jean Houston. I was privileged to design and lead, meditation and body connection practices on one of her retreats on Fraser Island, Australia. We danced together, created a ritual for men and women’s reconciliation, walked in silence through the sandhills one night, called the whales to visit us the next day, and opened up to our whole bodied intelligence in many ways of knowing.

I have travelled the world to learn from young and old, had my body painted by the Himba women in Namibia, danced and sung with them and learnt from intuitive ways of knowing. I was honored with a sacred gift from the Himba women. I learnt how to connect with horses and nature as an Equine Facilitator and how to re-learn how to play, improvise and open up to creativity as an InterPlay leader, and much, much more.

These are only some of the delights from designing whole person experiences that include participation with the arts, nature and our whole bodied experience. Sense making, social intelligence and creativity, are the top 3 capabilities identified for the future. We will not learn these skills by doing what we have always done. An opening to learning how to learn from our lived experience, the arts and nature, returns us to a state of unknowing, re-learning and re-discovering how to play, how to create and how to relate for the new renaissance in work and life.

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Aurorasa Sima 21/10/2016 · #12

#11 It´s my topic from a different angle. Short term reward vs. long term reward. I find your work very interesting.

+2 +2

Yes #9 @Aurorasa Sima I agree with you. It is a catch 22. When we don't listen to our body and give ourselves what we need to be healthy we are attracted to things that are not good for us. But the more we connect with ourselves and take care of ourselves all the things we were addicted to we don't need anymore as we feel content and fulfilled within ourselves. we can do this.

+2 +2

I agree with you @Lisa Gallagher #7 - wouldn't it be wonderful if in the middle of a meeting, someone said, let's all stand up and stretch!! Let's all walk around the room and synthesise our thoughts through movement, let's have silence as we walk to help with our own synthesis! Etc etc - will you share this invitation next time you are in a meeting Lisa? Let me know if you do and share what happens!!!

Aurorasa Sima 21/10/2016 · #9

Great buzz. We don´t listen, but there are also many external influences that try to drown our inner voice. From additives in food to workplace stress. I strongly agree with you that we have to re-learn how to listen to them.

+1 +1
Lisa Gallagher 21/10/2016 · #7

You made a lot of relevant points @Deb Lange. Can you imagine if managers at work were in tune to workplace stressors and did tell their staff, lets take a break- go for walk or whatever it is you need to do in order to re-charge. Or if humor was more consistent? People with high amounts of anxiety become conditioned to that state of mind and so do the chemical messengers sent out, so it's true... during high states of anxiety people are unable to enjoy the beauty around them. Many times they are unable to even look forward to an exciting event that is coming up. I believe in the whole mind/body connection. I love your bio too. Much food for thought here!

+1 +1

#2 dear @Lisa Vanderburg practise sensing and feeling your physical body And that is one way to start getting out of your head. sense your body on what you are sitting on, your skin against sheets in bed at night, your fingers as they touch a warm cup of tea. Sense your physicality , not in a hard focussed way, a light sensory way. Enjoy playing !

+1 +1