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Trust Your Senses - Embodied Wisdom - has arrived! @deborahlange

Trust Your Senses - Embodied Wisdom - has arrived! @deborahlange

The books have arrived!

I am feeling very happy.

In fact - I am estactic!

I hope my book will dancing its' way to book shelves around the world very soon! 

Thank-you Ali Anani and Graham Edwards for reading prior to publication and giving me some reviews.

Graham said, 

"When I picked up Deb Lange’s book “Trust your Senses”, I did it on a whim as I am always looking to better myself, and quickly found the words and fanciful illustrations weaved a fine tapestry regarding the importance of listening to your body, engaging your senses to better understand what (and how) you feel, how you can make better decisions, and how to experience a more holistic and satisfying life.

The three rites of passage, the case studies, and exercises took me on a journey to help notice the world more fully (without judgment), truly listen to my senses and my body, and finally balance my thinking and sensing for better and more rewarding decisions (at work and in life).

Shortly after reading “Trust your senses” and working through some of the exercises, I will admit the wine tastes a little better, the music a little richer, my conversations a little more engaging, and my gut feeling has been more relevant in the decisions I have made since."

Some of what Ali Anani said,

" "Upon reading the draft of the book my mind and senses moved in many flows. Each flow unfolded many new ideas for me. The beauty of this book is its integrity. It is by having an integral approach to guide us to grow and drop the leaves of irritating past experiences so as to grow and give our lives a meaning.

This is where this book stands out. It takes all human senses, intuition, feelings and logic into consideration to work together to find solutions by identifying obstacles that slow us down, accepting them and then grow. The best theory is an applied theory and it is where this book excels. Deb Lange enriches the book with a bundle of real life examples showing a sequential procedure on how to synchronise our senses and logical thinking to arrive at solutions for difficult human and business issues. The beauty of her approach is that Deb works with nature and not against it. 

Deborah guides us to not only think but to notice, sense, emote, move, play and intuit to enhance our growth. This book is a must read. "

You can get it on amazon and other online book stores.

Deb🐝 Lange 2/12/2016 · #31

Thanks so much @Lisa Gallagher - I hope it does lots of seeds and pollinates in lots of diverse ways especially through beBee #29 - I am looking forward to hearing people's comments and questions to continue the learning .

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 2/12/2016 · #30

@Deb Lange's book is now available on Amazon!

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 2/12/2016 · #29

#27 How exciting @Deb Lange, I bet it will be a big success! Congrats again, so happy for you.

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Deb🐝 Lange 2/12/2016 · #28

#21 thanks so much @Renee Cormier It is now on Amazon!

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Deb🐝 Lange 2/12/2016 · #27

@Michelle Williams @Lisa Gallagher @Renee Cormier @Mohammed Sultan the book is on amazon from toady! I am thrilled!

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Deb🐝 Lange 30/11/2016 · #26

#25 Yes @Tausif Mundrawala, most people do not know there is a disconnect. No-one is going around saying, 'I am disconnected from my body" . they are going around saying, "I am anxious, I am overwhelmed, i am busy, I can't find peace or happiness or my creativity." When we connect we can find peace in our body and mind, happiness in the simplest moments, creativity emerges and we can be the calm centre amidst the storm.

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Tausif Mundrawala 29/11/2016 · #25

#22 Its worth appreciating your efforts to pen a book on senses in this fast paced world where people don't even bother to listen to their bodies signal. I am privileged to be connected with you.

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Deb🐝 Lange 29/11/2016 · #24

#21 dear @Renee Cormier thank you for reading and responding with kindness.

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