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We celebrate for women’s day

I wonder, why not there is precise any day

Celebrated as men’s day?

Are women and men in any fray?

Are they any different species?

Both are part and parcel as one

Both needed to be complemented

To lead a life with élan.

In nature’s bosom

There is always a chasm

Not to infringe but for rhythm

Creation and procreation are entwined to form a realm!

There is always a synthesis

When both are entangled in nature’s catharsis

A new quality emerge

Male or female, not at all an issue to surge.

In human social fabric

Labor plays the key role to dictate in rhetoric

The synthesis value it is bound to produce

Sadly determine to dominance the social structure we adduce!

In the long battle of history

To acquire due gravity

Labor is the only trajectory

It is a long battle fought by women with untiring diligence

Women’s day got its delectable hue with awe and reverence!

Giving birth the quality only nature endowed to women

But men are equally important to declare women are not barren

Both are integral part of a whole

Where integrity, dignity and respect,

Both deserve for their equal role

To keep the social fabric in balance

The only prime criteria for structural valance.

Pain, sheer pain, women only bear

Struggling is the only key the solemnly adhere

Keeping in warmth in amniotic fluid

Our feelings for them too equally fluid!

A new life with different temperature and pressure

Descend on Earth with a holy flavor

She alone ensure life to grow in rapture

The fluid we all living consume

Only to ensure our breathe till last breathe to assume!

Our heartiest tribute to all women

Who fought to obliterate all social omen

Precisely designed by alone men

Discarded strongly by only valiant women!


Proma 🐝 Nautiyal 10/3/2018 · #17

Beautiful poem, @Debasish Majumder!

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Debasish Majumder 10/3/2018 · #15

#14 thank you very much for sparing your specious time to go through my post and sharing your valued comment @George Touryliov. i am privileged and honored.

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George Touryliov 10/3/2018 · #14

Well done! Thanks for share!

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Women shall be grateful to you @Debasish Majumder. So, should be all caring men.

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Kevin Baker 9/3/2018 · #11

Well done. Women are awesome.

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Brian McKenzie 9/3/2018 · #10

Men are celebrated by the international Community on November 19th - World Toilet Day.
March 8 is a Red Soviet Communist Construct. I am inclined to celebrate neither.