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Leaders are born to lead

We are enamored for such exquisite breed

They kindle the lamp

Usher us to revamp

Enable us to know to glow with our inherent strength

Unitedly we can make upside down at length

It is the leaders who enable human civilization to accelerate

Unfortunately they cannot abundantly proliferate!

Presently we observe a dearth in leadership

None are emerge to harness betterment for mass in

Now we cannot proudly salute

Captain’s demise we mourn, but never dither to carry his dictum in loud

No leaders even in grave

Whose breathe we feel in alive state!

Present leaders are just a clone

Who are produced by only interests group for their own benefit?

They only enjoy their upper echelon

Far away from mass with a weird trait!

Present leaders are greedy

Disruption is their only capacity

Like piped piper of Hamlin

They induce majority to follow them for perpetual decimation without any rhythm!

I wonder how they considered as leaders

Who are patronizing them with what purposes?

What is the invisible ladder they resort?

Hiding from majority, who are their only source to promote themselves in grand smote

Ignominy only they can offer to mankind

Why can’t we discard these leaders for their misconduct only to malign!


Entire world is now facing a severe crisis

Leaders are no longer emerging to reduce such syndrome with apt catharsis

Bankruptcy in leadership is only prevailing

Humanity is subjected to its worst suffering!

Phillip Louis D 'Amato Hace 7 d · #21

I hope for a positive change in 2019 in the quality of America leaders The common mantra is the leaders reflect the society at large. Do you ever see a newscaster on NBC question the meaning of life or humanity place in the universe?.No leader is ever perfect due to the fundamental flawed nature of humanity.

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Love the core message and the post

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Well Done @Debasish Majumder, we love your sincerity!

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Roberto De la Cruz Utria 12/11/2018 · #16

Totally agree @Debasish Majumder, although we must remember that we lived different ages, with more development, more globalization, and more accumulated knowledge, in other ages it would be less complicated to be a scholar, a great scientist, or a great leader, the more remote the time , less literate, less people with their own criteria, and easier to convince and drag the masses, I think today is more complicated.
Today there is a lot of competition for the leadership, and many means to use against and in favor of leaders, so the challenge to face is great.

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#13 well-expressed

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#11 I agree abd that finding new possibilities, new paths and running into emergent behaviors are the way to go

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