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Stopping by the wood on the verge of twilight

Fragrances of lily, primroses

And roses colorful blossoms

Brings immense delight

My mind is marooned with intriguing flavor

Silently it makes in my cerebral with inexplicable clamor!

I cannot move

My desired destination hindered in grove

What bounty nature offers!

Blown me out of proportion with its emphatic wrapper!

I inhale fresh and pristine odor

Triggering me to make humble candor

Wood, you not only exist to ensure our persistent root

Your presence continuously ensures our renewable mood!

Flora, you not only beckon all fauna

Most advanced creature in nature, human too

Contribute for your thrive with delectable essence and hue

A lovely combination, complementing each other for co-existence

Where all forms of life expose with amazing exuberance!

Being encompassed with your flavor and enigmatic presence

Makes us tipsy, sometimes diffuse our impulses

Intoxicating us with your produce

We amazingly caught into the vortex you adduce!

I wonder who I am

I can recognize alone your character and charisma

I subdued to you for your charming panorama

But, do you too can identify who I am?

I may adore you for my conscious cerebral

Having alone the capacity to judge your quality

It may sometimes cause debility, sometimes infuse me with joviality

Forcing me to address you, wood you are phenomenal!

All products in nature are products of great explosion

Since its inception Earth bears all its features, sheer phenomenal

We have fancy for all available elements

Out of which we all are composed and inclined to reclaim.

Sometimes we produce precious metals

To accelerate the wheels of civilization

Sometimes we produce incendiary

To cause mayhem and destroy civilization

What a twist we human alone can make

Destroy the beauty of nature, even responsible for Earthquake!