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We human are amazing creature

Hardly can we realize the vast universe’s unique glamour

Though we claim we are supreme

The brain we possess proudly declares its infinite regime

A sort of ego we dither to suppress without any shame

As if our brain only determine our paramountcy’s claim

Hardly can we realize

It is the matter which alone bears the quality to eulogize

It only reflects in our cerebral to mesmerize

Our memories only enable us to identify

Evolution through continuous change is the only catharsis for us to glorify

In due frame of time it makes us energetic and stylish

Human civilizations thus curve a niche in human history to mobilize!

I wonder the intriguing character of energy

What a grand rendition it evokes with a delightful synergy

Conservation of energy is an amazing process

It alone triggers evolution with a grand success

Matter itself is intriguing by its actual expression

Where it has practical manifestations with a lovely proposition

Its inherent quality produces an honest reflection

Our brain is the mirror where it draws its charismatic proclamation

What a grand style it elegantly displays in sheer jubilation!

Matter declare its supremacy in our cerebral with magnificent tray

It is truly difficult for us to gauge its delicate fray

A continuous process of change only declares it emphatic expression

Where the train of evolution is a sheer enigmatic revelation

It alone script its pertinence to prove it alone is the only champion

We usually clouded by our ephemeral ego and vanity

Hardly can we envisage the gravity of evolution and its dignity!

The taste of sweet, sour, ugly or beauty

We can only discriminate by our senses out of our inherent capacity

Only five senses we possess by virtue nature’s crafty elegance

It alone makes us relevance and sensible presence

External world makes an emphatic blow in or cerebral

Internal configuration of us too makes such a unique distinction

Entire universe plays a mystic row

Hardly can we envisage its dramatic flow!


But it all makes a significant appeal

We cannot determine which to accept and what to repeal

Material really possess an extreme strength

Plays the pivotal role to configure our reign

We human only can claim

We are supreme form of energy and style in our rendering train!

This buzz i dedicated to CityVP 🐝 Manjit  who inspire me to write this buzz.

I learn something new every day here reading beBee posts :~))

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élan, a most interesting word, which I see it used frequently when reading WordPress posts. I believe it's fair to say élan is a word that describes your attitude well, @Debasish Majumder.

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Great Buzz. I will ambit that I was confused at your title because I didn't realize that Elan was a noun meaning Energy. LOL.

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Jerry Fletcher 4/1/2019 · #5

Debasish, Elan might be the perfect word to describe your attitude in your all-in voyages of verbal voyages.

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Pascal Derrien 4/1/2019 · #4

Surely you don’t need elan when it comes to writing you are a self starter who does not require any pushes 😉

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 4/1/2019 · #3

In kind I have created a buzz about Élan

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