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I wonder what generation gap is

The kid who grows on my lap at ease

How one day suddenly give me a slap

Taking my nerves all of a sudden

I cannot comprehend what is hidden

For which he refute to give me a clap

What flaw I rendered while engrossed in his upbringing

What is exactly missing?

Why I am clouded with despondence for his misbehaving!

I cannot rule out, I am too a product of the present

I am too captivated in the precinct of past and its essence

I failed to evaluate the changed form of present

Instead of gift, I ignored the gravity of present from my nascent!

Thus generation after generation the gulf increases

None could admire, none could endure ones advances

It never ceases

Time flows

But the limitation of life enfolds and expose

Everything in the mundane world has a due tenure

None can cross its limit

Though mortals consider sky is the limit

Regarding their growth and visions

How helpless they are in terms of their introspection!

What lies within them?

They consider it as an axiom to name

Accordingly they only accustomed to fathom

Moment they failed to gauge

The situation appears moribund; they express their grudge and disgorge

They conveniently pass the buck, ignoring all blemishes

It is the next generation who are responsible for all ruckuses!

Alas! There is always a lament

There will be never a bridge to cement

As long we indulged to be eclipsed by the past

Generation gap, an excuse we only love to foment with aghast

Always blaming the bud

Not allow it to bloom with regard

Nip it in the bud is our favorite call

Suppress all upheaval, decimate all prevalent protocol!

How many of us seriously ponder

When the child in mother’s womb

Receives the impulses of external in rapture and groom

Its heart develops in the fetus

Receives the developed impulses in galore

Moment it descends in nature’s floor

It stars its journey with new roar!


Inevitably there will be an infringement

With our available vision, which love to remain stagnant?

We love the child only emulates us

Failing which, we love to term them as rebellious

How narrow our vision itself

Yet we blame the generation gap, ignore to delve

Escape becomes the only route we admire and dealt

Not ready to buy our own fault

We love to be contented, not recognizing our guilt

Past only we allow propounding on us, our only resort

We are passionate with our own dice and snort!

Louise Smith 13/6/2018 · #12

#9 ?

Gregory Benedict 17 13/6/2018 · #11

posse oblige you are of the same sort i.e. of 'Closed Record/Sealed Adoption'

Gregory Benedict 17 13/6/2018 · #10

#8 the one that just likes to be

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Gregory Benedict 17 13/6/2018 · #9

to much control from po po

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Louise Smith 13/6/2018 · #8

"I wonder what generation gap is The kid who grows on my lap at ease"

And @Debasish Majumder what will be on the child's lap when he/she becomes a parent?

A Lap Top !

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Great Poem @Debasish Majumder!! We need to continue to be Kind & practice PMA-Positive Mental Attitude. Thank you for your continued support here & all you do to help promote the networking here.


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Joel Anderson 12/6/2018 · #6

And maybe a dose of MatuBoomerXYZillenial: a person born at one point in history who has no problem existing in the here and now and interacting with others who were born at other points in history. Rock on.

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With love and acceptance we can bridge any gap, wonderful poem @Debasish Majumder

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