Debasish Majumder in beBee in English Administrative Assistant • Vimarsh Development Solutions Private Limited. Oct 24, 2018 · 1 min read · +600


What is actually goal?

Numerous people inspire me to set a goal

It is utterly an abstract one

I cannot define what actually it refer with elan

Goal is the one which everyone is obsessed for

The tapestry it alone fabric in an abstract echelon

Instigating many to run for an infinite time

To tend to achieve what they perhaps never know what is prime

Only they tend to satiate in errand

Inducing many to focus for physical gratification at rampant

Goal is the only target which only capable to mitigate

They only setting it as a parameter to reduce their plight, misery and abject!

Goal is mere a hyperbole

Where many only align without knowing its tune and its sublime role

I wonder how the word goal

Having such immense capacity to make an emphatic role

Eclipsing many with an abstract aspiration

Foiling many lives to experience sheer humiliation!

What is the objective of goal?

Unless it usher many with its grand role

Is not it bear the essence for making many to roll

With an euphoria with its magnificent role

Humanity only can thrive for its supreme call!

Then only goal can achieve its optimum protocol

Where every creature can find its utterances

Goal thus gets its pristine essence!

If individual’s goal is our prime criteria

Majority will subject to extreme pain and excruciating anathema

Few may amass immense wealth

Their goal will discriminate many with utter gulf of difference

Where majority will sway in the waves of misery

Few only enjoy sheer ecstasy!


Is it the goal we aspire for?

Where minority only overpower majority with brazen metaphor

Since time immemorial

Goal has change its magnitude, a phenomena exist since primordial!

Geoff Hudson-Searle Oct 28, 2018 · #8

Wonderful and thought prokoving buzz @Debasish Majumder, @Jerry Fletcher makes a very good and valid point 'A goal is different for each of us' how can our goals be aligned without a shared vision, purpose and togetherness? A good friend, spoke to me this morning and discussed the quote: “Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see, but you”. Powerful words, but exactly how many of us genuinely would risk everything for the goal or dream?

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Pascal Derrien Oct 25, 2018 · #7

Interesting point ''Their goal will discriminate many with utter gulf of difference'' or when a goal is counterproductive to others not something which is spoken about a lot. Personally I use the plan of no plans I just leverage a vague directional framework

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Jerry Fletcher Oct 25, 2018 · #6

Debasish, A goal is different for each of us and you put the dilemma well.

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Preston 🐝 Vander Ven Oct 25, 2018 · #5

I believe that our Life is a marathon established by the Lord, and our goals are designs we make to plan our way.

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