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I am a human

I am not in a run to vie

Eye for an eye

Is not my cry!

I am a human

I have to substantiate my claim

Unlike other creatures in nature

I do have distinction, I declare in rapture

And having propensity on others to blame!

I am a human

I don’t like to buy

I am too responsible for all ruckuses

After all I only can discriminate between harmony and mellifluous

What is right and what is wrong

In my perception I deliberately prolong

When I may conclude

Within that time frame I may be eluded in deluge!

I don’t like to raise my voice

I only worry if it yields against my self-interest

I only love to indulge my own state of comfort

It is my utmost preference to maintain my rapport!

How can I betray with myself

I am a product of many

Who only make profuse cacophony?

To make me believe

I only having the capacity to satiate others for reprieve

Out of which I exist

Though ephemeral, yet I persist

As long I live

I will enjoy myriad’s jive

I concur my success in vociferous

With many who eulogize me in chorus!

I am a product of time and space

I feel entire universe in me with grace

I can feel the vibration and sound

How energy makes synergy to astound

There is big bang, there is black hole

There is expression, there is suppression

There is hiding, there is chiding

How do I fathom universe’s mystic way of camouflaging?

I am a human

I cannot rule out

I am in a process of change which is only resolute

The dynamics of life

Carries the vibe

There is always a hope

Light energy can alone dispel the darkness in galore

I dwell in duality

Life and death, a continuous process I experience in proximity

Ray of hope always engulfs me to germane

After all I am a human!


I am a human

I can perhaps only be a profane

I can make furor

Waging war for religion, creed and caste in galore

To bring huge infamy

Acting with heinous style to become enemy to humanity

Still I am having the capacity

To induce people to go to hell without any qualms

After all I am human

I can only claim

I am champion to overbear this planet and reign!

Great Buzz. Humans: formed from the dust of the ground, created in His own image, more rare than fine gold, transformed by the renewal of our minds, and then our dust returns to the earth as it was, and our spirit returns to the Creator who gave it. Yes, we are AMAZING.

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Bill King Hace 3 d · #9

@Debasish Majumder, " HUMAN, AN AMAZING SPECIES!" Has an important message. One Ziggy Marley song I love is I AM A HUMAN The universe never seems to talk to us through one voice when it wants us to learn something. I am a human, may be one of those teachings. Thank you for sharing.

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Very powerful poem dear @Debasish Majumder. I enjoyed it and now thinking about this part of it
"I am a product of time and space

I feel entire universe in me with grace"

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit Hace 4 d · #6

There is no "I" in Human but there is a an "I" in Being - and on that score alone you are a fine Human Being Debashish.

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Renée 🐝 Cormier Hace 4 d · #5

Many true words spoken here, @Debasish Majumder.

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Incredibly virtuous, Debasish.

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Pascal Derrien Hace 4 d · #3

Powerfully human :-)

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