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I wonder why apple falls on Earth's floor

It is termed as gravity to reign and roar

But I am amazed to see soil

How and when it formed and coil

Enabling us to gather this prolific fruit

An apple a day keep doctors at bay we murmur in solitude!

Sun is the only source of energy on Earth

A great reactor consistently pulsating without any dearth

Emitting electromagnetic waves, applauding and supporting

Life on Earth rolling and exploring with grand symphony for all in appeasing!

There is always interactions acting and prevail

Weak or strong, their revelation always in predominance and marvel

Up, down, top or bottom are their existence in major consideration

They alone enable us to exist and revel in mystic configuration!

If a small stature person can control a family

He may become a pivot, enabling a family to explore happily

Though small, having huge potential

To bind and consolidate firmly with grand reciprocal jubilation and with unique vibration!

I wonder when there was no tree

No soil to manifests its distinct identity

How warming and cooling works in errand

To usher for water and soil at random

I wonder the role of water

Whether black hole or stars

Creates water vapor at large

The only condition on Earth for life to exist

Though in accordance to time and space it evolves with exquisite expressions in vivid!

I am a product of time and space

My configuration enable me to reach to a consciousness with grace

But can I ignore the process of evolution centuries long

Feral instinct will inevitably emerge out of heat and pressure in nature's inherent echelon!INTRIGUING GRAVITATION!

Pascal Derrien Nov 7, 2019 · #5

Back to basics water trees and sun interesting comment too on feral instinct ☝️

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Tausif Mundrawala Nov 6, 2019 · #4

Your poem reminded me of sci-fiction and there is hidden wisdom which one needs to understand correctly. Like one is a person of small stature taking care of the entire family.

Thanks for sharing it with us, my friend, @Debasish Majumder

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Dear @Debasish Majumder- you establish yourself more firmly as a scientific poet such as :
Sun is the only source of energy on Earth
A great reactor consistently pulsating without any dearth

Enjoyed reading and shared accordingly.

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