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I am a tree

I am living for a considerable time with glee

My boughs bring shades

Many creatures take shelters on me and rest

Some make nests and produce offspring

Some may enjoyed with their ideas and brim

Out of their clamor I renew my leaves with joviality in spring

I don’t know how I am sowed

I too nature’s product, declaring my gratification in galore!

I grow in random in shoot

Equally I expand beneath soil through my root

I am not aware of my growth and extent

I am just containing the signature of nature’s talent!

From the soil I collect my strength

To prepare my food in my leaves at length

In due time my dear leaves will defoliate

Only to express my journey validate!

But I cannot claim

Random movement is in my destiny to blame

I do have a due tenure

Greedy creatures will at al demur

They can slay me at their desire

I may vanish from my available milieu

For few perilous whims invade me like glue

They may enjoy immense booty

They are nefarious, they are greedy!


Will they ever think?

How I shiver when my durability is at the brink

Who will deter them?

They are driven by their disastrous ideas in their frame

Surely having a magnitude

Where unfortunately no room for gratitude!

Salman Khan 1/6/2018 · #10

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Bill King 1/6/2018 · #9

Wonderful share @Debasish Majumder.
Loved the lines.
"My boughs bring shades
Many creatures take shelters on me and rest"

May we all be as your tree.

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A great reminder we must stay strong @Debasish Majumder.

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A great and heart-moving poem by @Debasish Majumder. Self-renewal and self-activation are two important messages as drawn from the trees metaphor.

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a poem with a deeper layer of wisdom for the soul

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you are a most beautiful tree @Debasish Majumder love this poem as it reflects respect for nature!

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