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We human are now addicted to motion

Innovation became our only slogan

Our advancement in science and technology

Becoming global our common terminology

World is now in our finger tip

We crave to rip the world only for wealth to reap

What an advanced species we human are

We only claim our cerebral is supreme out of all creatures!

We are fancied to be only engaged in a game

Where continuous change in production make our fame

One after another form we evolve

To satiate our desire, which mortals can only involve!

Money is almighty

We crave to accumulate it adroitly

Garnering opulence is our only agenda

We don’t care if it engender among us sheer vendetta

If majority may become impoverish

We hardly heed to the grudge how majority nourish

We are only obsessed to be clouded by avarice

We are contented that we deserved to be only embellished

We claimed to be superior

That is why though minority, we entitled to enjoy wealth in galore

After all we are supreme in intellect

We are human and pretending to be humane is our grand subject!

Alas! We human only eclipsed by wealth

How wealth is created by human alone we need to delve

Unfortunately few enjoy its fruits

Not caring equality remains in the human’s root

Forgetting we too are the product of nature

Despite we are having our separate nomenclature

Nature’s unique gift is freedom

We human only redefine according to our convenience at random!

Natural selection is nature’s intriguing devise

We only try to overbear nature with our inherent vice

Obliterating many species out of our caprice

We ourselves within us construe a new species

Many are endangering, not allowed to rise

Taking pride we are innovative

Where market economy and consumerism is our only guide!


Alas! We are riding on a dreadful animal with an ephemeral pride

Any moment a catastrophe can engulf us, can bring halt to our ride

Forgetting how we are indulging in warfare, taking false pride in panorama

Mass annihilation with innovative techniques spreading only anathema

Yet we don’t want to learn

That obsessed with alone motion will only churn

Beckoning the doomsday, when we may experience our own jeopardy

Helplessly we may pave the way for extinction of human race from this galaxy!

beautiful construct @Debasish Majumder we humans are far from perfection, that is the truth, but everyday there are many people who invest in making the world a better place, you can count yourself among them by reminding ourselves with your poems what really matters. Thank you.

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`I agree with @Joel Anderson's comment and I find the poet full with meanings and reminders for humans to wake up.
I thank you dear @Debasish Majumder for sharing this lovely poem. I enjoyed reading and in particular:
"How wealth is created by human alone we need to delve
Unfortunately few enjoy its fruits
Not caring equality remains in the human’s root
Forgetting we too are the product of nature"

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Debasish Majumder 7/6/2018 · #4

#3 thank you very much sir @Joel Anderson for sharing your valued comment and appreciation. i am privileged and honored.

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Joel Anderson 7/6/2018 · #3

“Nature’s unique gift is freedom” Now that my friend should be a topic in and of itself as there is so much wisdom in this one line.

Singular in its blue and natural splendor. Blended and interdependent. Yet artificially separated and isolated through islands of difference. When in the end, all the disparate pieces and parts are in fact ONE EARTH.

Thank you for an interesting perspective. Nicely done.

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Pascal Derrien 7/6/2018 · #2

Difficult to find a better worst own enemy in the galaxy.... me thinks :-)

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