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If you have the passion to write

We do have the courage to appreciate or criticize

Nothing perhaps can deter you

You are among those few

Who herald to usher many

With wisdom, a treasured symphony

You alone radiate and glow

Out of which we enriched and grow!

Metals and minerals on Earth’s breast

Adorn its floor to generate quest

Precious they are

Allure all with stunning glare

Wealth it brings in this unique tray

All crave to acquire to express their gay!

Micro and macro both lies in same fray

Entangled in war to emerge victorious in Earth’s tray

Individual with exquisite quality

Lies only in the fetus of majority

A lovely dual of serendipity

Where duality occurs in all activity!

Butterfly appears with its unique beauty

Nature’s lovely metamorphosis, an inevitable continuity

It adorns to satiate our spectrum

Force our souls to dance in rhythmic drum!

Pollination and cross pollination, a continuous process

Nature offers delectable bounty, we human can only address!

We follow you for your unique hue and blow

You are the source of light for us to glow

We reflect to satiate your soul

Not knowing your catalytic role

But we both collectively exist

Where micro and macro, both harmoniously persist!

Engagement is a unique phenomenon

In nature’s floor it makes is own pantheon

Nothing is constant apart from change in nature

Where negative and positive both flourish in rapture

One transform with other

The dual thus carry on in phenomenal clatter!

This buzz dedicated to Dr. Ali Anani.INTRIGUING WISDOM!

Tausif Mundrawala 25/8/2018 · #12

Being conferred with the title of radiant is a huge responsibility because maintaining it is a huge task. I love when people praise the term writer because it takes a lot out of your whole being in order to create a body of work. Thanks for sharing this with us, my friend @Debashish Majumder

Alan Culler 16/2/2018 · #11

A wonderful poem @Debasish Majumder reintroducing us to the dynamic dance of nature. Thank you for your passion to continue writing.

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Debasish Majumder 14/2/2018 · #10

thank you very much madam @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador for your continuous support and appreciation. i am privileged and honored.

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I love this poem, @Debasish Majumder. It's beautiful and full of life. What an outstanding dedication to @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee.

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Debasish Majumder 12/2/2018 · #8

#7 i am privileged and honored @Louise Smith for your lovely comment.

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Louise Smith 12/2/2018 · #7

Thanks for tagging me @Debasish Majumder
Elegant words for an eloquent man from a lyrical man

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