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Look up at the night sky

Myriad of stars visualize to soothe our eyes

It is an unknown chemistry

How stars resonate with us with an amazing synchronicity

When we lost our dear ones, try to acquire its entity and probe

We intriguingly buy that my dear one is in celestial abode

No longer may emerge physically in our spectrum

Yet we believe my dear one is in a delightful consortium

I wonder how stars influence us at random

We certainly possess the ingredients of stars in our physical stratum!

Our body is too comprised of majority water

Light in this medium possess enormous speed in rapture

What grandeur it may offer and enrich us

Only synchronicity bears the testimony in grand errand

Devoid of synchronicity we can only produce perhaps chaos

Alone we foil our unique quality to remain calm and maintain valor

Two pendulum of a separate watch, how reflect time with sincere roar!

Watch is the innovation of human prodigy

Where times, the fourth dimension, emphatically express its pedagogy

Enable us only to heal and learn

Time enable us to evolve, elevate and churn

Will we not indebted to time and its jive?

Where pendulum makes a mellifluous tune only to amuse, which is prime?

Team throws a beam

Enable human race to gleam

Many may dance in a rhythmic tune

Sound alone helps us to a mystic way to attune

But the vibration, intensity and pitch

Time truly resort to a medium to enrich

It is time which only usher us to glow

The only wheels to script world history

Yet, time is an enigma, the mostly ignored Misty!

We have seen synchronicity in utter different ideology

But having only intention to hoodwink majority

Ignoring majority is their only strength

They alone are the only driving force to accelerate and making dent

World history thus rolls on

Where confliction with difference, the only fuel to excel and become champion!

Reduction, addiction, seduction and synchronicity

We define them out of our convenience surreptitiously

Behind the curtain we love to play all nefarious roles

But in the presence of majority we display our brazen traits

Covering our vicious intentionsIS SYNCHRONICITY IS A MERE SERENDIPITY? with ornamented gaits!

Still we claim we are most developed out of all species

Hypocrisy and deceiving devise

Is our only tool to exploit majority with our vice

Are we not beckoning our own jeopardy out of our unrestrained greed and caprice?