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Leaders emerge in our life with finesse

We accept their presence as bless

We follow them hysterically

Their charisma engulf us happily.

We humans are utter ridiculous

Having a bent of mind to accept individual’s impetus

Considering their faculties as supreme

Are not we beckoning our jeopardy out of our mysterious whim?

Change is the only constant in our milieu we observe

Sometimes it takes our nerve

We helplessly fall into the prey

Alas! Leaders are in gay

By observing our incapacitated minds in bay

Only to be slayed in their capricious fray!

Servile attitude is the only reason

Out of which an individual makes his hay

Majority may remain as usual in bay

Leaders only yield rich dividends and stay

Forcing majority to become oblivion

Though people are only the motive force,

Forcing the world history, inducing the edifice to reinforce

Making the echelon of its own

Where ordinary mass are the one who deserve to be championed

Unfortunately being eclipsed for leaders greed

To reach to the apex of fame, depriving many with an obnoxious breed!

Leaders are wiser

Majority who are unfortunately destined to become a looser

Yet they are content that leaders are taking the cudgel

They might only have the gift with such amazing quality to marvel!


Collective leadership is only relevant in the present hour

How many truly want to repudiate such dazzling glamor

Many love to exploit majority

Claiming they are supreme out of their faculty

How long we are obsessed to worship leaders?

They are just like us, if we dare to gag their fanciful clamor

It is high time to hold the rein

No human is supreme

Nothing extraordinary is running in their vein!

Renoy George 28/5/2018 · #41

Wow! Very creative @Debasish Majumder I guess people look up to leaders because of their ability to go beyond their own sense of achievement! To dare to dream, to push limits etc. People are living vicariously through them! Just like they put celebrities up on a pedestal!

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Randall Burns 28/5/2018 · #40

#39 Agreed on all points @Louise Smith Particularly regarding the caliber of people here on beBee, engaged, intelligent, educational and entertaining.

Who needs cable TV or "on demand" anymore?

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Louise Smith 28/5/2018 · #39

#24 I am glad to hear why we had different interpretations @Randall Burns
Thank you for explaining your POV

I think the best of people until they prove otherwise so superiority didn't cross my mind
(after 30 y of working for QLD Education Dept, that's why I went into my own private practice - I am the only one to blame for any incompetency !)

Also this group of Bees are far from that - in fact the opposite
which is why I like reading all of your buzzes as often as I can
I like to be challenged with different thinking about issues based on true values

It sounds like you are coping in an adaptable way for your health
I hope it keeps working for you
Take care

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Louise Smith 27/5/2018 · #38

#27 Yes that's an important insight @Debesh Choudhury
Rare & Brave @Debasish Majumder !

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Debasish Majumder 27/5/2018 · #37

#14 thank you very much sir @Joel Anderson for sharing your valued comment. i am privileged and honored.


#29 You are so generous in your gratitude dear @Debasish Majumder

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Debasish Majumder 27/5/2018 · #34

#18 thank you very much sir @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven for your warm appreciation.

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