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I am a tree

I along with my root always enjoy a shooting spree

Laves are my kitchen

They prepare food to ensure my subsistence

Photosynthesis, a process

Enables me to have an emphatic access

In nature's unique floor

I alone stand apparently and roar!

I am no longer lonely

Myriad of birds, bees, insects and other creatures

 Consider me as haven with raptures

 They never feel leery

No longer in jittery

In congruence they all produce a tune of mellifluous symphony!

They all breathe in haste

By virtue of my inherent waste

We both warmly complement each other

As their waste too satiate my inordinate desire

i love to grow high and high 

To touch the sky above with sigh!

Though I don't possess heart

Still water being transported to my all organs with spurt

At random quark

I appear with colorful spark

I only observe with awe

How tide and ebb makes huge impact on me without any flaw

Gravitation enables me to stand

Anti-gravitation surprisingly helps me to breathe constant

As long as I may survive

I will produce flowers, fruits and aura with a distinct vibe

metals, minerals and plenty of constituents nature offers to me with bounty

Plethora of twist and turns I experience in spiral design to grow and enrich magnificently!


I only wonder

Without the help of external conditions and its clamor

How I could express my entity and render

Pollination is a grand process

Where external conditions enable me to manifest

I really cannot afford to have bliss

Loneliness is sheer disruption

No longer a resort for solitude, rather it may harm my conventional amplitude  

Against my identity and an adverse tool for me to exist in nature's floor in gratitude!

Debasish Majumder Oct 19, 2020 · #2

thank you very much @John Rylance for sharing as well your valued comment. i am privileged and honored.

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John Rylance Oct 19, 2020 · #1

Joyce Kilmer wrote :-
I think I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.
Your poem Debasish is one that is as lovely as the trees it depicts.
Rereading Joyce's own tree poem, I think yours is superior.

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