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Bat is a wise brat

In the nature’s embroidered mat

What an amazing stat

Where myriad of creatures express their entity with distinct format!

A nocturnal animal, not a bird

A mammal, amazingly hide its trait with unique clad

Confuse us for its emphatic expression

We fear its foray, an omen we consider for our lack of comprehension!

It has been created by nature for slaying harmful insects

An amazing creature, a natural pest

Albeit we human dislike bat

But in our ecosystem, it has a great impact!

I wonder, how without requiring vision

It can explore its world for its existence with distinction

By virtue of reverberation

It alone can determine its prey as well impending obstruction

Out of sound, a picture it can produce

This alone ensures its existence to adduce!

It alone teaches us

Seeing does not believing we may only focus

Sound too can generate a vision

Vibration thus a unique energy, enable us to churn!

Sound too have unique duality

Some are acerbic and some are mellifluous in capacity

Acid causes harm when it pours to other body

But how far we can judge what harm it alone cause to the container of verily?

Where it continuously buzz and desire to sprout

Expressing its intense desire to make its entity with proud

And having a desire to express its clout at loud

Sound you are an enigma to make us astound!


Hang on, a common term we coin

Hanging is an art, only bat exhibit in nature like a doyen

Induce us to enhance our patience

We eventually manifest as champion out of all creatures to emulate their magnificent presence!

Anthony Winner 13/7/2018 · #18

Lovely composition! Debasish.

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Ah, @Debasish Majumder, my friend. No bats in your belfry! Brilliant piece.

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Lisa Vanderburg 12/7/2018 · #16

#15 haha....yup, that's true @Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador. But have you seen the roaches on the guano? Make my old Buick look like a Tonka Toy :)

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#14 Lisa , I read that bats eat about 2000 mosquitoes every night. Thats one good thing

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Lisa Vanderburg 11/7/2018 · #14

Love this @Debasish Majumder! Like @Cyndi wilkins, I like bats. Although I do wonder about all that does one do that upside down? :)

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Debasish Majumder 11/7/2018 · #13

thank you very much @Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador for your continuous support and appreciation.i am privileged and honored.

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Mother Nature is a great start here for poetry! many Thx for producing, we need to see more :~))

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Debasish Majumder 11/7/2018 · #11

#10 thank you for your sincere admiration sir @Debesh Choudhury. i am privileged and honored.

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