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Nature has offered us with abundant bounty

Triggered us to promote our labor to exploit her due gravity

Implements too are being provided us by nature

Her endurance is the only insignia to address her as mother

All creatures in nature's lap

Take their required nap

Once more to regain energy

Too explore nature's floor to express their entity!

Nature endow us with metals, minerals in galore

Whether readily available or in form of ore

By virtue of labor

We satiate our souls with exquisite flavor

We humans are configured with five senses

To receive impulses of external world's with intriguing premises

Our knowledge and ideas we acquire

On the bed of nature's caprices!

I wonder how nature alone appear as a large sense organ

Who induce us to work according to her vibes

The combination of two sensory arrangements

The environs we dwell rolls with magnificence

One diverse into two thus manifests at random

Accelerates the process of civilization with unique form

What an amazing motion it expresses with ecstasy

Which we human just translate this mystic power as energy!

We confront a unique contradiction

Both nature as well her creatures face with sheer apprehension

How long they can exist in their domain

As both having the inertia to sustain and marvel

Perhaps triggering humans to search in space

To avert nature's wrath and exist with grace!

Both are waging war

Nobody perhaps sure of their destiny and existing tenure

If one may appear as tyrant

Other will surely in predicament for the opposites rant

How there could be a status quo

Keeping balance by retaining nature's unique hue?

I wonder whether we are paving the way for a catastrophe

Which may enable to obliterate us from nature's lovely surface of synergy

Alone human's greed is the only expression

To represent them as insatiable with confusing clamor and its manifestation

To subdue myriad within them

Causing continuous mayhem

Only to vitiate nature's floor

To claim only few are supreme to reign in nature's floor

Not knowing the imbalance they are indulging and promoting only chasm

Beckoning their's doomsday by paving annihilation of the entire race from nature's bosom!

Paul Walters Sep 10, 2019 · #8

@Debasish Majumder Bravo. As always a great post

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit Sep 10, 2019 · #7

The good thing is that human greed cannot defeat nature, human greed can only defeat humanity. Nature may wipe out life but it creates it also. That human greed can perpetuate the process of wiping out informs us why as human beings we need to be creative with nature, rather than against. Nature is too vast and totally beyond what meddlesome men can plan and do. The problem is that we treat nature as human sometimes and it is and always will be nature.

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Joel Anderson Sep 9, 2019 · #6

Is that Multnomah Falls? What a beautiful spot.

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John Rylance Sep 9, 2019 · #5

#4 Best summed up in the phrase. Biting the hand that feeds us. In our attempts to provide for the future, ours and our descendants too often we bring about the demise of the animals, loss of plant life, climate change, abuse of natural resources etc. It seems that while looking after ourselves we inadvertently place a Death Wish on our planet.

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You expessed my inclination to draw creative ideas so well dear @Debasish Majumder to draw ideas from nature.
“Our knowledge and ideas we acquire
On the bed of nature's caprices!”
Instead of preserving nature and keep its balance we tend to harm nature. Is this our acknowledgment for nature?!!!

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