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Few people are conglomerating in the neighborhood of a place primarily being populated by the tribal people of that area. They are happy with their livelihood and they have none to complain for the distress they are confronting with.

One fine morning, they noticed few people with a weird device and they are exchanging themselves with strange signals of their own, which the people of the concern land cannot able to comprehend. Few people from the tribal group advanced towards the people who appeared weird to them and asked them with the dialect of their own that what for those people appeared to their land, as far as their belief is concern, and what they are doing with their weird device. The apparently advanced people replied to them that they are working with their device which they christened as ‘Space Craft’ a vehicle which will enable them to travel beyond the gravity of Earth and their destination is ‘Mars’, another planet unlike ‘Earth’. But considering their reciprocation one of them from the tribal group wrote something in a piece of paper and handed it to a member of the people, claiming to be advanced. But unable to decipher the meaning of their script they felt pretty confused. But one of the people from that tribal told them that not to ponder about the script and as they consider ‘Mars’ as the planet where their God dwells, they requested them to kindly hand it over to their God only when they may meet him in the ‘Mars’.

Eventually the developed people with their superior skill get themselves absorbed with their voyage and they are making many gestures with the space craft they are occupied with, while the common traditional folks are noticing activities in little distance with utter amazement!

Meanwhile the people who are busy with their space craft suddenly noticed an aboriginal man with grey hair advancing towards them. When they confronted him, he enquired the reason of their hectic activities with a weird vehicle. They told him that they are in space odyssey and their destination is planet ‘Mars’. Thereafter, they showed him the inscription given by the local people and their request to hand it over to the deity in ‘Mars’ as per their beliefs. The concern person gone through the scrip and told them that the scrip containing the message that, “Dear God, these people has already made our life miserable and now they are focusing on Mars with aim to explore and plunder your surface and intending to make your place amenable for human habitation. They not only plundered us, but also responsible for our all miseries and polluting our environment, causing a menace to our life and livelihood. Our posterity too is in deep distress. They are only obsessed with their greed and for their greed only we are in utter jeopardy. Our very existence is at severe threat for their unrestraint greedy trait. Please God, don’t allow them in any pretext these people to carve a niche in your domain, lest they will vitiate the entire milieu of yours out of these people’s innovative techniques what they are proud of! They are assuring us too, that they will enable us to navigate to a safer place, as they are well aware that the planet they too dwell are no longer safe for human habitation as well existence. They are pursuing us that one day they will transport all of us to Mars, as our dear Earth will no longer remain favorable for us to exist. Their greedy trait and innovative techniques can comfortably enable them to provide an alternative means of survival, is their firm belief. Despite, they developed robotics and artificial intelligence. Yet, they could easily comprehend, those innovations are not enough to mesmerize their living mechanism and there is no replication of human emotions and impulses. Machines cannot replace human intelligence and acumen. Rather, one day machines will become their only contender. Christened as A.I., may one day pave the way for obliteration of human race from this planet where we all are dwelling, as machines which are the yield of human intelligence can one day be the reason for their own jeopardy, a curse which they welcomed unknowingly, what potentials it may have to cause what affect to what extent, which is perhaps inevitable out of human greed, not knowing up to what degree it may bring benefit and how it may engender a catastrophe too!

They persuaded us that it is more congenial to live in Mars than Earth and they will make their utmost endeavor to transport us all into Mars. But, our question is why we all resort to Mars? We all are contented to live in our mother Earth. If our mother indignant with us will we repudiate her? And the most surprising characteristic is that they want to create an ambiance where predators and prey both exists and it is the predators who will determine the fate or destiny if its prey!

They are in agog to keep a balance where prey exists out of predators’ mercy and caprice! Being a prey we are confused why should we exist out of predators will? When our existence will be obliterated, how will a predator exist? Is this the innovation which clouded these weird people with their amazing frequency of intellect? Are we so inferior to buy their ludicrous dream which only has the potential to cause mayhem? Is it the motion on which they are so called developing for which only they have intense devotion of their own, paving the way for our ruin, enabling us to become oblivion? What a ruthless God we ourselves consider, having no care for its own species to exist, rather discriminating among us with a new definition of species by creating numerous tiers and for few they express their conceit and elationOUR TRAVAIL TO TRAVEL FOR MANKIND! and laid only emphasis to it! We are afraid which already enabled myriad species to extinct form the surface of our planet Earth and we are perhaps the last one to experience such insensible emphasis to replenish our presence from our dear planet, our mother Earth with mournful state, where there will be no lullaby, no lyrics!”

Geoff Hudson-Searle 13/6/2018 · #15

A very thought provoking buzz @Debasish Majumder I agree with @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador let's be greatful for what we have, rather than what we do not have, we need more gratitude in society.

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Harvey Lloyd 12/6/2018 · #14

#13 Is there a pitch fork in your coat closet? No we need to play all the roles in searching for solutions. The idea that someone's is character flawed because they ask a question or challenge a position is insanity.

I had some great folks who taught me to know both sides of the argument before you express you opinion, less you cant back it up with true thought.

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#12 I was just playing the Devil's role. I am glad I did because your expressed yourself elegantly "ll to often humans are cast aside for the solution'. As long as we have this separation things will not change. What will change them if we keep doing things the same way.

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Harvey Lloyd 12/6/2018 · #12

#11 I would imagine that we could look at the outcome as intellectual slavery. But my point was to emphasys that when we take a journey of exploration that we can come back and serve others with our knowledge or our own power.

We humans tend to give respect to authority and pedigree without thought. Power bases know this and exploit these human attributes. When we ask questions concerning the low hanging fruit we are told that it's complicated. The reduction media tends to reduce the science to a point that they have already decided is correct. Abandoning the major assumptions made within the thesis.

When i say humps and bumps it is not to diminish the urgency but rather to place things in perspective. Humans are at risk on each side of the solution. We should insure that humans are considered within the problem and the solution. All to often humans are cast aside for the solution. We are seeing this in several states and cities here in America. Good meaning people have enacted policies that are not sustainable and created housing issues for the lower middle class. The cash for clunkers program created shortages at emerging middle class citizens who now couldn't afford transportation. Etc.....

If we are to step back and look at the evolving human paradigm we have to admit we made mistakes, learn and then provide solutions for the next epoch. I guess it is difficult for me to hide my apathy to the current solutions that place humans at cost disadvantage while politicians grow powerful.

You caught me:)

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#10 Did you really mean this? "Our world does have a few humps and bumps that require our attention:) I have found that during the reductionist argument it is reducing to one of two states. Power or Service". Or, you meant Power or Slavery? Why am I asking this? Because of your following lines. I quote "Our discussion concerning low hanging fruit applies here. Whenever the aristocrats offer low hanging fruit that is easy for us to participate is the real tell. The behavior of the individual is such that it requires the higher more difficult fruits to change their behaviors. But power folks know that when we poke the individual we lose votes and power".

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Harvey Lloyd 12/6/2018 · #10

#8 Our world does have a few humps and bumps that require our attention:) I have found that during the reductionist argument it is reducing to one of two states. Power or Service. Neither of these need be measured by money to make the observation. But one can measure the power state by the money it attracts.

The science, predictions and marketing of this phenomena called climate change is a dismal review of where science has gone within media. I want to isolate that many great scientists are making headway along scientific lines that are service oriented. (Unfortunately the ones with microphones bring forward a worldview of post modern doctrine combined with just enough science to make it look real. I digress.)

The aristocratic nature of the climate change group is one of the tells of power consolidation.

Our discussion concerning low hanging fruit applies here. Whenever the aristocrats offer low hanging fruit that is easy for us to participate is the real tell. The behavior of the individual is such that it requires the higher more difficult fruits to change their behaviors. But power folks know that when we poke the individual we lose votes and power.

Pollution is not caused by a few corporations it is driven by the needs of society. I will leave judgement of these needs for others. The high hanging fruit would state that these needs require change. But this would be an act of service by someone who is not looking for power.

While this power position plays out we may not be funding, learning or gathering the data that could show us a natural phenomena is presenting itself.

I will leave you with a thought, water vapor represents 60% of our greenhouse gases while CO2 is .04% and how these two interact within the framework is still not fully understood.

But Al Gore got a major award for a hockey stick:)

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Pascal Derrien 12/6/2018 · #9

Grass may not be greener elsewhere especially when there is no grass per se 🤔 Another good one ☝️

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#6 @Harvey Lloyd- It is the reductionist approach that is prevailing and separating us from reality. When take the “political organ” separately from , say, the “technological organ” of the human body we are assuming they work in isolation. They aren’t. The human body is the metaphor for the “global body” and we know how inter-dependent the human body is. By taking a reductionist approach we are assuming that the political issues are in separation of the feedback effect they cause to other organs. This approach has created so many disasters for us from and pollution is one of them. Pollution that we created has huge effects on our eco-system such as global warming, deforestation, extinguishing some species, migration and pollution of our marine and land crops and causing severe health problems globally.
I thank you dear @Debasish Majumder for this sharing and raising the issue leading to the great comment of Harvey.

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