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Anima said to Ashis,’listen, we have spent substantial time to know each other. I love you a lot and wish to spend rest of my life with you.’

Ashis said,’ I am not yet properly settled in terms of my economic ability. Do you think it is high time to marry, when I am not yet financially sound to pull out the family burden?’ I love you a lot dear and I wish to spend rest of my life with you.’

Anima said, ‘listen, I am too tensed. My parents are fetching a better match for me. They already talked with a potential groom who is well settled and working in a reputed organization. His family is continuously perusing me about the groom who is quite dynamic according to my parents’ evaluation and having the capacity to make my future life happy. But, I have to leave them for you dear, as I cannot live without you. Please do something positive. I am ready to leave my ancestral home only to be associated with you peacefully and for that, I am ready to face any adversities.’

Ashis too love her dearly and finally decided that they will marry secretly and bring Anima to his house to start a new life.

Accordingly, in a certain date, they appeared before a marriage registrar and got the certificate of marriage. They threw a small party where Ashis family members and few common friends are only present. Thereafter, they started their own life with a new spirit where love alone emerges victorious.

There was a much disapproval and resentment from Anima’s family. They vehemently declared that they are not going to accept this relationship and nuptial, as Ashis is not as per with their social and economic status, and Anita will never getting any financial favor from them. They immediately discarded Anita, ignoring their attachment with them.

Anita equally ignored her all relatives and associates along with her parent, as she has to accommodate herself with all odds which she opts deliberately. She is too happy with her husband. She is neither having any grudge, nor any repentance. Rather she expressed her heartiest elation for their mutual reconciliation.

Within a year, she became pregnant and she experienced excruciating labor pain while giving birth of a male baby. Her all pain disappeared, when the nurse showed her the male baby. She felt too contented by noticing the glimpse of her child. Her husband was equally anxious for becoming a father for the first time and he too expressed his elation, learning about the male child being given by her wife.

Later on their life rolls on, aspiring their son will become a true man one day.

Meanwhile, Ashis developed with some nefarious vices, which usually hinder one to enjoy a healthy family life.

Being a worker in an organized manufacturing unit, his accomplices are those people who only love to booze and enjoy the company of bimbos.

When Anita came to know from Ashis’s cell phone that Ashis is indulging extra marital relationship, she felt so acrimonious that instantly she left Ashis and resorted to one of her friend’s house, describing her ordeals. She could bear the treachery being made with her by her beloved one for whom she sacrificed her all attachments and obsession. Her friend, Aloka, gave her the required mental support, after coming across the misery and distressful state of mind and the trauma Anita is going through. She helped Anita a lot. She provided Anita with accommodation and enabled her to fetch her respectable job. By the assistance of Aloka and her husband, and as a single mother, Anita took huge load to groom her only son with quality education in order to make him a decent one in future.

Days roll on. Anita’s son Animesh got a job after completing his education and fervently said to Anita, ’Mom, you don’t have to work anymore. You are aged enough. Now, it is my duty to deliver service to you. You please take rest now and enjoy your rest of the life with leisure and pleasure. Now onwards, I will be looking after your all affairs and comforts. You are my greatest treasure.’

Mother and son, a pristine relationship thus enjoyed a delectable pleasure and Anita truly enjoys a divine life where her son is her only pride. He takes care of her with sincere effort which brings an inexplicable joy to Anita. She considers her struggle finally yield a rich dividend for her. She has none to complain, nothing to regret. She enjoys her life with utter contentment. But her happiness remains short lived.

Few years later, she searched for a palatable match for her son and finally settled her son’s marriage. The new bride no longer remains docile and humble after few years. She consistently poured venom to the ears of her Animesh, that his mother is not required in their beautiful nest. She urged Animesh to send her to an old age home as Anita, according to Animesh’s wife’s consideration, has developed some geriatrics problems and she expressed her vexation that she is no longer desirous to take any responsibility of her. She considers Anita as an unbearable burden and decides to dislodge her from Anita’s own house which Anita somehow manages to construct from her hard earnings.

Finally one day, after garnering lot of courage, Animesh manifested his henpecked character by compromising with his wife’s desire and said to Anita, ‘Mom, please don’t take it otherwise. I have provided a lovely place for where you can stay with absolute peace and with the company of likeminded people of your age. You don’t have to face and adjust with the whims of my wife and neither has to entangle any feud with her. She is not actually capable to adjust with a woman of your stature. You are truly a saint. You deserve your own niche.’

Anita somehow managed to restrain her pain. She loved her son very much and for the sake of her peace she agreed to his proposal. But, she only raised her voice with a faint hope and enquired, ‘But Animesh, how I will live by not noticing my grandchild Akhilesh, who is barely two years old. I will go into oblivion from his memory that I love him very much as the kid too loves his granny unquestionably?’

Animesh said, ‘Mom, you don’t have to worry about him. We will manage him comfortably. Besides, every weekend we will pay you a visit and we will take him with us to see you.’

Anita silently distracted herself from her son as well her grandson. She did not reveal any expression of pain for the perpetual separation impending on her. Once she had the bitter experience of separation when she first decided to walk out from her husband’s life. Her self-esteem persona is her only asset which she nourished since she separated from her own parents at the initial stage of her conjugal life, an inherent quality which perhaps ingrained on her since the inception of her conscious life, her only wealth.

After few weeks in an old age home, while she was gazing at the sun set sky, smeared with red color, the intensity of color only haunted her, is it the color of separation? She only marooned in extreme pain, having no aspiration to gain anything, as her life itself is now setting in the horizon of mundane world!


Prakashan B.V 7/6/2018 · #15

@Debasish Majumder: Great article.... Thank you for sharing this with all of us here.

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Geoff Hudson-Searle 7/6/2018 · #14

A very thought provoking buzz @Debasish Majumder lots of wisdom!

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Dorothy Cooper 7/6/2018 · #13

I can relate to being surrounded by physical pain. After my first joint replacement surgery, I had to sit in the house for six weeks. When I had back surgery I had to be in a wheelchair for months before and after surgery. In time I needed to create an aura of contentment and balance which meant I needed to keep choosing the most life-expanding experiences if I needed to live in and out of pain.

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#11 my pleasure @Debasish Majumder with your article you bring more consciousness and let us hope that from there actions will be taken to honor women and children more.

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Debasish Majumder 6/6/2018 · #11

#8 thank you very much for sharing your valued comment and continuous support @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador. i am privileged and honored. i wonder, is there any place truly exist where women are treated as substances, apart for being treated as an object of lust, at least by the considerable section of people? women and children are always a soft target and atrocity against them are in an incessant flow despite we claim we are civilized and rational! however, thank you very much for your consistent inspiration madam.

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#7 i am just amazed for your continuous warm support @Pascal Derrien which inspires me to write more. i am privileged and honored by your appreciation sir.

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Debasish touches a point of truth

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I have a friend in India who was forced by her family to marry as she reached the age of 30, and it would be considered as a shame in their culture not be married at that age. She married for others, for her family. She is a modern woman and well educated. Result: her husband is not willing to help her financially (he is residing in another country and to come to him, there are several expenses to pay), he cheated on her and her heart is damaged now. I am sad to witness these forced marriages. Now she has to pay the price and find a way to divorce him. What good can come from there? Thank you for the story @Debasish Majumder as always, art.

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