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Both are intricately related with an enigmatic storm

One may appear sometimes as forlorn

Other transcend with joviality, though sojourn!

While traveling with amazement and inquisitiveness

To observe the beauty of ancient archaeology with finesse

Where human as well animals figures construed as deities

Clearly reveals the peoples limitations with the available time

This alone dictates as the only prime

Unable to decipher the Misty of nature’s camouflaging law

Resorted to magic and christened God as the supreme power for all governing law

Only responsible for all amazing behaviors

Thus God and religion made an echelon in human hearts centuries long with a charismatic stature!

In the passage of time

By virtue of reasons human civilization evolved with myriad style

Discarding the old by accepting new and its stunning hue

Perhaps unable to read the speed which alone is responsible for such available milieu!

But hardly can we rule out

Even in an ancient statue an effort being exposed to suspend thought in loud

It too a reflection of human cerebral

A thought though fluid being freeze in a design since time immemorial

From primordial to modern revelation

A thought process is going through continuous evolution with a grand expression

It is the external matter with its available condition

Makes an impact in our spectrum by its practical face and features with an honest reflection!

We cannot rule out which is true

I too have a face with a practical clue

And the available surroundings appear in my spectrum as glue

Though it too not a constant and the changes it brought having no rue

As it is always in a motion

And possess three dimensions

Up and down, back and forth and a lateral movement with left and right

Proclaim alone by its amazing might!

Confused by its amazing movement

Unable to gauge which one is relevant

Relativity always haunts us

Within its inherent character it only produces immense fuss

Still I do have faith in human’s reflections

It alone only translates and infuses energy to accelerate the pace of human civilization

With a sensible accord

Facilitate us to get rid of fusses to decode!