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I am a teacher by profession

Being sick with the monotony of life

I resort to a brief hiatus

To explore and enjoy the bosom of nature

The beauty nature offer an amazing affair

I am an avid lover of her beauty

It intoxicates me with an intriguing symphony!

Once I was visiting by train to enjoy hilly region

It always enables me to expand my horizon

I love to observe the contrast of blue and green

Where sky and land surface creates a mystic rhythm!

Suddenly on the mid of my way

My journey obstructed while I was travelling in the railway

In an utterly desolate place, in an unknown station, it abruptly halted

Feeling restless, I disembarked from my couch in utter vexed.

Watching the beauty even dark night offer

Where stars are dazzling in the sky

As if declaring their entity in rapture

The ambiance with woods in and around

The contrast which engulfed me only to astound!

Suddenly a group of people encompassed me

The person opposite to my face started to interrogate me

Who am I, from where I am coming and what my destination is?

One asked me with inquisitiveness

How I am feeling in the available ambiance?

I retorted, ‘lovely, surely engulf majority with its intriguing enigma’

One retaliated, ‘do you think you will be successful to cause such anathema?’

One of them suddenly slapped on my face in retribution

Asking me gruffly, ‘what exactly your aspiration?’

I am utterly flummoxed what they intend to know?

They only whispering to take me to their custody to make blow

One of them ordered me to follow him

I felt extremely fear for his dictating whim

Then they forced me to divulge my nexus

With the people who blew away the railway tracks to cause ruckus.

I expressed my ignorance

Having no clue what they intend to know

They no longer desired to buy my plea of innocence

They are regimented people, only carrying abhorrence

Towards the citizens who are their own nationals

I am at a loss by observing their confusing belligerence!

One suddenly put a pistol on my temple

Intimidating me to kill

If I ignore to toe to their will

I am only now thinking of bullet made of lead

An element of toxic nature can paralyze cerebral of anyone in excess limit

Are they victim of lead poisoning?

That they cannot discriminate ordinary citizens from extremists?

I have explained to my students

Origin of state in numerous occasions

Not knowing exactly how state can take toll of innocent’s life

This is also endowed by nature, an inherent right

Out of only suspicion, kill

What an example of egregious expression! We have to bear still!

Is this the state we aspire to live on

Where ordinary citizens life at stake, how difficult to reckon

I love my country, I love my state

But, state doesn’t love me, this I cannot assimilate!

I love peace, I hate feud

I failed to observe both lies on one in crude

In continuous strife one may change into other

Thus, perhaps absolute peace never exists in any structure.

Suddenly one of them showed sympathy on me

After examining my journey tickets and photo-identity

He apologize for the ordeal I faced

Allowed me to go free with haste.

But, the lead, a foreign element

Not native of Earth

Made an impact on my cerebral too

Without any dearth

I am engrossed in a thought

Why bullets are made of lead used for such wrath!


I inhale enough lead through by breathe

Is the air around me so polluted to cause a painful wreathe

I am feeling extremely suffocated

Not knowing how I can get air with less impurity to accelerate!

Pascal Derrien 7/3/2018 · #8

That's a rich piece of writing one you have go back time to time in order to get all the aromas :-)

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Debasish Majumder 7/3/2018 · #7

#5 thank you very much madam @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador for your warm admiration. i am privileged and honored.

Debasish Majumder 7/3/2018 · #6

#4 thank you very much sir @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee for your warm support and commendation which you shower on me continuously. i am privileged and honored sir.

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Amazing piece, @Debasish Majumder. Your last stanza is an outstanding finale.

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"I inhale enough lead through by breathe
Is the air around me so polluted to cause a painful wreathe
I am feeling extremely suffocated
Not knowing how I can get air with less impurity to accelerate"!

A beautiful poem by beBee poet @Debasish Majumder

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