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Sharing and caring is an art

It is no longer a devise to hoodwink and flirt

People who are engaged to care other

With passion they deliver their services and cater

They truly an imperative we should admire

They only help us to get rid of despair!

Their services are like bless

Which only enable us to find true solace

Their numbers are meager

But they are the insignia of humanity, a divine treasure

They only are true angel

They shine out of their duty and marvel!

When I was in serious ailment

Feeling anxious, losing my normal temperament

They resolutely stand beside me, saving me from mental derailment

They are true humane by virtue of their sense of benevolence!

They don’t care for money

They are obsessed with their sincerity

Duty is the only beauty

They uphold this holistic essence with grand symphony!

This sharing and caring is an art

Abstract in nature, prevails since humanity’s birth

It is our rich heritage

Absence of it may dawned on us with presage

We must restore it with utmost care

Then only proper tribute we can endow for its magnificent glare!


Alas! We still dare to equate this art with money

Only to create a deafening sound, a sheer cacophony

But still we cannot decimate this rare form of art

Despite we confront it is in dearth

What a lovely display of the art we experience of sharing and caring

It alone uphold the voice for humanity, alone glow by its emission, sheer endearing!

Debasish Majumder 11/6/2018 · #14

thank you very much @Peter Stefanov for sharing the buzz.


We need more sharing and caring @Debasish Majumder, and yes, it is an art that is most appreciated in the eyes of the beholders.

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Debasish Majumder 10/6/2018 · #12

i personally acknowledge you @CityVP 🐝 Manjit for your continuous support and appreciation which is an inspiration for me to write more. i am privileged and honored. thank you very much for clicking to the relevant button sir.

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Debasish Majumder 10/6/2018 · #11

thank you very much @Ken Boddie for sharing your valued comment. i am privileged and honored.

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Ken Boddie 10/6/2018 · #10

Surely, Debasish, there can be no greater gift than to share our passion with others. One simple act of lighting another's candle may be all it takes to kindle a forgotten or unknown hunger and desire, and hence bring light and warmth to an immeasurable number of people.

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a candle in beBee land: Debasish!

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each one of your poems is like a candle, gives us warmth and light, thank you @Debasish Majumder it does not go unnoticed.

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Debasish Majumder 10/6/2018 · #7

#6 it is your buzz @Royce Shook which inspire me to write this buzz. i am indebted to you. thank you very much for your valued comment and appreciation. i am privileged and honored.