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We all are creatures in nature

Move with an amazing pace

We are not sure we will attain peace

But, we all are in race!

We really don’t know our destination

It is an abstract place imagined by our perception

Aspiring to attain bliss

We dare not give our effort any miss!

We observed many miserably failed

Succumbed to such frantic race with weird trait

Some may collided with hard rock

Immediately breathed out of shock!

Some may immolate not knowing the alluring glow

And unknowingly impressed by the deceiving row

Scripted their obituary

What a sad story

None ready to follow the enigmatic and alluring glow

None ready to adhere just to follow the glow to at once blow!

What a mystic rendition

Where nature alone dictate with a designTUNE OF MISTY!

And claim it is only champion

To camouflage all with its enigmatic dispensation

A supreme design where we helplessly succumb, force to assign

Unable to decipher its code of complex inscription!

I feel within myself a pace

To combat the pace, I confront and brace

Not knowing truly whether it will bring grace

Yet I yearn to acquire it for solace!

I feel within myself a storm

I have observed too in external world a devastating storm

Both have a unique similarity

To cause mayhem and enormous casualties with ambiguity!

It is my brain which might have halves or hemisphere

How it works is an enigma and what language and signals in chorus

I think the complex design of human brain is responsible

For all anomalies as well rhythm

But I wonder, there is no brain that plays the key role

To construe all such algorithm!

Hemisphere or halves with different relief feature

But who crafted such distinction with grandeur of complex texture?

Why we enjoy a tune of mellifluous rhythm?

Who plays such intriguing instruments with such exuberance?

To soothe our soul with a symphony of eternal chord of subservience!