debasish majumder en Dr. Ali Anani, Fractals Forever, beBee in English ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVE 23/11/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +800


BeBee is simple

Like a dimple

In the check of a damsel

Allure all with an enigma

Cannot restrain from its enriching counsel

What a lovely affinity, making a unique networking style

beBee the best for its cordial and overwhelming hype

A stile, for many to follow with a distinct and bold step

beBee, we love to be your integral part, what we only crave!

A platform of social networking

Teaching us to ignore all untoward larking

Be vociferous with joviality

Promote a warm bonding and cordial affinity

beBee a networking site is becoming the best

Where luminaries from all walks are working at their behest

To make this site wonderful

Where we all feel relaxed and cool

Be happy to be a bee in glee!

Entire globe will admire us for our tedious spree!

Attachment and interaction

The only alacrity we make with vehement proposition