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Father and daughter

A holy and pristine affair

Frequently they entangle in war

Without any blood-shed, a unique gesture

Never have we noticed

Apart from armistice

There is seldom any nemesis

What a jovial affinity

Devoid of any chaos to breach this lovely symphony!

Human beings maintain a wonderful protocol

Where conflict is an inevitable affair

Only glue to consolidate bonding in rapture

With an amazing hyperbole!

I wonder what chemistry it possess

Utterly abstract in nature

Yet, predominantly manifests its vigor

The only matter which define humanity’s success!

We cannot observe the atomic configuration

Yet we acknowledge its presence in ramification

Confliction equally exist in abstract state

And it has the potential to cause immense mess!

Sometimes it yield gulf of difference

Sometimes it brings warmth and exuberance

Sharp contrasts always roll on

Enigma of life thus moves on!

Father, Mother, Sister, Brother

Only our of all creatures we crafted such unique texture

Though abstract in nature

But it overbears our existence with lovely nomenclature!

We exult with delight

Can we ignore we shed tears

Happiness and sadness, in both affairs

How will we judge?

Conflictions make sensible budge

To soothe us as well keep us in dismay

What a dichotomy it possesses out of its fray!


We are in dilemma

Whether confliction is a boon or an anathema

But we cannot rule out

It only acts as an emotional tool to pave our emotions to vent out!

"Sometimes it yield gulf of difference
Sometimes it brings warmth and exuberance".
I had no doubt I would read this poem tonight dear @Debasish Majumder. Yes, creative minds like yours may configure or figure out the positivity in the negativity of a conflict.
Conflict in poetry might be your next poem my friend.

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