debasish majumder en Poems and Short Stories, Dr. Ali Anani, beBee in English ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVE 19/10/2016 · 1 min de lectura · 1,1K


Human beings are exclusively a creature

Having immense potential out of all living creature

To make a nomenclature

Drawing attention from every quarters for their unique gesture

Where frown also bears a sign of ignominy

And a unique expression woven with affinity

Making a strong bonding of amity

Capable to devastate all evil entity

Humanity thus appears as a sole agenda

Across the globe it is the foremost call of present hour

With vociferous, we must make a sensible clamor.

No need to glorify wars

No need to make forays for market with errors

Keeping people in starvation

What ecstasy we make out of lucre and filthy valor

Craving for opulence

Surely breed only turbulence

What we will do with profit making notion

Where people are shedding tears and dying in unrestrained commotion

Paving only jeopardy to our humanitarian qualification

What is the point then for supporting humanity’s ratification?

We must need to make a consensus

No war, only peace, a divine contemplation

To save our planet from any further holocaust

Life is precious, a gift of omnipotent audacity

Our only duty is to keep its pristine essence, beyond human’s perfidy

Majority’s joviality should be our utmost priority.

Women, children are the worst victims of eccentric’s proclaim

Shedding blood and tears can be their only fancy to make galore mayhem

Please have some sympathy if not empathy

For your whims and caprice, lot are sacrificing their birth right with apathy

Please stop only focus on profit and mundane gain

None can die by taking wealth with them

Then why we make discrimination and envy on us useless

Are we not the child of the same God who saves us from all inauspicious ruckuses?


Though the globe is our

In present hour

It is in severe threat

Some fanatics are unfortunately controlling its rein

Unless we may uproar

We are inevitably observing disaster galore

They are truly sinister

Having potential to obliterate the most superior creature

From this planet Earth

Without any qualms, as they have dearth

To judge what is good or drastically cowardly presence

They are fanatics with eccentric exuberance

They have no capacity to anticipate with sensible apprehension

Only obsessed to bring infamy

As their cerebral are sheer non-functional and numb! Crazy to hear only their cacophony!

Melissa Hefferman 19/10/2016 · #2

Little tiny roars can touch one Heart which can roar to another Heart and another and another and spread like a wildflower of Love in a sea of dark because there is no Other. Just us, roaring in the wind. Thank you deeply for your inspiring poetic roar of words! I am awake. Good day and God bless you and us all!

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Ali Anani 19/10/2016 · #1

Unless we may uproar

We are inevitably observing disaster galore

This is a genuine cry for humanity to awaken to your uproar. I shared this cry with a weeping heart

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