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CLOUD OF LUST!Shakespeare wrote about seven stages of life

Which is an eloquent testimony of only masculine’s stride

Feminine emerge in the context with mere pretext

Where their gravity restrict with love to create progeny in haste

It only reveals male’s overbearing flow

In a social fabric only to ensure their glow

Thus their prominence with dominance blow

Nature’s camouflaging design eternally go

Where female appears with disgrace in a row

Only to brace male’s caprice, lust and fanatic toe

They are treated mere an object of lust in utter despair

Destiny thus crafted them with a holistic satire!

I have a daughter

She is a nursery goer

She every day express her vexation

Not willing to go to school with her satchel in trepidation

But it is inevitable for us to send her to school

Where hoping to be nurtured for future’s comfortable rule.

One day she came back in her home

With an inexplicable pain, she groans

Unable to translate her discomfort, she only moans

Only droplets of blood oozing in our bare floor

Being petrified, I asked, what happened dear?

Maimed she was in her private part by her teacher!

The story of her ordeal shocked me

I lost my senses for a short while in agony

Could not comprehend, is it a sexual assault?

Where child could be the victim of such heinous result?

School could be place no longer of safety

Shakespeare perhaps never perceived of such jeopardy!

I could not understand why men resort to such brutality

Is not it only yield sheer infamy?

Is it nature’s blind dictum?

Falling prey to men’s lecherous trait at random

Devoid of values, this is a craftwork of society

Animal instincts only overpower with all notoriety!

Why our social fabric is facing such menace

Is it the result of prevailing imbalances?

Unequal distribution of wealth and enormous greed

People resort to various unfair means for mundane breed

We remain unperturbed by noticing all uneven traits

When we caught into such vortex, lost our sanity

But, my dear girl and for posterity

What environment we engender, only to endanger their entity?

Only sheer miasma, no soothing room to breathe

How they will survive and thrive in such venomous grid!

WILLIAM C. BALLARD II 4/12/2017 · #13

WO,,, be it one who confuses man, speaking tongues over the A.D.D in most people looking up to nothing they understand,,,like the pied piper leading the many away to no where,,,,,Godbless

Geoff Hudson-Searle 4/12/2017 · #12

#9 Dear @Debasish Majumder you have really hit a nerve on the subject of our social fabric, I could speak about this forever, but in essence when significant numbers of people see their standards of living fall despite an ever-growing economic pie, it threatens the social contract of the economy and even the social fabric of society. One instinctual response is to simply redistribute income to those who have been hurt. The second part of loss is measured in imbalance. Imbalances can causes severe unhappiness, Just like consumerism is always bad, adding little to our well-being as well as being disastrous for the planet. In particular strands of over consumption, where we purchase things, not to fulfill our basic needs, but to fill some voids about our lives and make social statements about ourselves, our obsessive relationship with material things is actually jeopardizing our relationships, which are proven over and over to be the biggest determining factor in our happiness and the happiness of others.

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Debasish Majumder 3/12/2017 · #11

#10 it would be great sir @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. the problem is needed to be addressed as it is growing rapidly in our society.

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Thank you dear @Debasish Majumder for writing such a poem. You bring an idea to my mind. How about writing a book on a buzz and a poem on same?

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Paul Walters 3/12/2017 · #8

@Debashish Majumber a tragic tale indeed made all the more poignant given the current events evolving around the world.

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Gert Scholtz 2/12/2017 · #7

@Debasish Majumder This is sad and so tragic Debasish. I wish you, your daughter and your family strength and healing through such a horrific event..

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Such stories are horrifying and sadly common around the globe. Schools should be a place of safety, ensured by the government, rather than a shopping center for the twisted.

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