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Victory of Donald Trump in U.S Presidential election, emerging as the new president in the White House, haunting us with a dreadful memory of 9/11, 2001, the heinous terrorist attack in the twin tower of U.S.A., taking toll of numerous innocents’ lives, emerging terrorism as a new fare, and thereafter, series of untoward incidents emerged across the world, causing terrorism as a severe menace to global peace. Innocent people are the softest prey of the religious fanatics and fundamentalists and they even never dither to spare children and women too, and this phenomenon is still in emphatic progress, causing a deep concern of the all sensible and ordinary people across the world. People from across the world are petrified and all are desperately craving, that this is high time to crack down these terrorists outfits across the world, disrupt their supply channel of financial and other resources and bring perpetual peace and harmony to global social and economic ambiance.

The stash money, fake currencies, illicit trafficking of narcotics and human trafficking are storming across the world, causing a severe turbulence and unrest to the present political system across the world. The state of the situation is having resemblance with the nucleus of a matter in its exited state, where proton and neutron are in a state of excitement and in the verge of disintegration to form two separate elements by the striking effect of a neutron from externally. U.S., being a super power nation, having more responsibility to act with adeptness and sensibility, not to be acting equally fanatically, and obviously with a holistic approach to betterment of the majority people across the world, instead of flaring the scenario with incitement and igniting other nations with any drastic measure, paving the way for global disaster, which is having every potential to be manifested accordingly. Not an eye for an eye, but with sensible prolific approach with comprehensive external policy, mitigating the tension, not aggravating the existing situations. Lest, they will emerge as a new menace to global peace.

Donald Trump expressed his deep concern today, after winning the election, that his eighteen month political itinerary came to a sweet end, but to make it historic, the action is needed for the subsequent time of his regime. His pledge is to destroy such racket of perpetrators, establishing peace and harmony, which he eventually emphasized in his victorious speech. He vo