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Ramesh and Ramala is a happy couple. Both are engineers by profession and work in a reputed organization. They have a small kid, named Rupam, who is just six years of age and a student of a reputed convent school. They live in a luxurious flat in a posh are of the city, having car and all amenities, which eloquently express, how financially sound they are. Truly, they are enjoying a small family with a sweet home, which all middle class family aspires for.

From the early morning their routine hectic schedule starts. Sometimes, as per the demand of their jobs, they have to stay for longer hours in their place of work. Yet, no grudge they have, as they can comfortably manipulate their lives with the available circumstances.

Bimala, the domestic help of their house, who used to take lot of responsibilities in order to ensure smooth sailing of their life. She is about thirty years of age and from a family of rural background and obviously economically backward class. She lost her husband at her early years of marriage. As nobody of her family wants to bear the financial burden of her, she has no choice apart from working to meet her both end.

However, in Raman’s family, she accommodated herself in such a fashion, that she became almost an integral part of Ramen’s family. Right from dawn to dusk, she used to take lot of workload, preparing food, looking after their son, sending him to school and bringing him back, and rest all other household activities she happily perform, making herself inevitable to them. She equally considered herself as a part and parcel of Raman’s family.

Ramala, Ramen’s wife is also from well to do family. She, being the only daughter of her parent, groomed with all amenities and being indiscriminately treated with male fraternity, facilitated with substantial scope to grow with vigor, resulting her to gain higher intellectual frequency, and virtually curve a niche in the modern developed world, where gender disparity is less and women are working with adequate competence and proving their mettle with regard to their male counterpart. Making the scenario discerning to the world that equality of gender is how far prolific to the available society. Precisely, when a woman become educated and economically empowered, there prevails a gender balance in the society, reducing the atrocities against women. The vulnerability become less in terms of women’s status in the society as presumed and they equally enjoy a healthy life, helping to promote a healthy social and economic milieu.

However, Ramen and Ramala’s life is floating smoothly, where they manifest a perfect picture of a happy couple.

One day, Ramala was compelled to visit her father’s house owing to his ailment, which is located in a distant place and Ramala took her son with her as he is having his summer vacation. She repeatedly instructed Bimala before living the house to take necessary care of Ramen along with the responsibility of other works of her ho