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In Shakespeare’s legendary drama, ‘Merchant of Venice’, Shylock imposed pound of flesh as interest to the borrowed amount of Antonio, irrespective for what cause, whether for noble cause, is insignificant. The main essence is, he imposed ‘pound of flesh’ as interest to the borrowed amount, gives reflection of the racial discrimination prevalent in an existing society and consequently Shylock was triggered to act as an inhuman one as per the available circumstances, resorting to a vindictive disposition towards Christian, being a Jew and anticipated that, Antonio will surely fail to comply the interest, resulting to dedicate his life. Thus, it gives of a reflection of a bent of mind, who were revengeful owing to social injustice and humanity being trampled by eccentric, where rationality was simply ignored, paving the way for a fiendish mind to engender. He anticipated the failure of Antonio in due course and eventually it appeared to be true. Eventually, Shylock’s brazen claim being emerged as true and Shylock confronted with utter jeopardy. Shylock’s life eventually was at stake.

In modern times, precisely in India, where demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 are presently causing furor, we are equally experiencing the a vindictive modern Shylock, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, imposing conditions, equal to the gravity of ‘pound of flesh’ from the ordinary folks, keeping their lives at stake! His whimsical and abrupt decision of demonetizing the currency of 500 and 1000 denomination in order to reduce counterfeit currency and black money, which he had declared abruptly on 8th November, 8 P.M, that from 12 A.M. of 9th November it will be effected, that these two following denomination will no longer treated as legal tender, kept people at tenterhook, puzzled and utter dismay, how they would maneuver their livelihood from the following day!

In India, nearly 38% people are below the poverty line and even large section of people does not possess any bank account! Without paying any due attention, their constraints and how they may manage the currencies to pull out their livelihood, precisely people dwelling in the vast rural expanse, his emphatic declaration to wage crusade against black marketers are simply a mockery with the poor and even middle class, whose hard earn money in bank and even their salary they drawn in the existing currencies, are in deep crisis and their livelihood are in the brink of despondence. In extreme rural expanse, where banking facilities are not available and whose daily transactions are being made in cash, they faced the severe impediments. His intentions might be noble, but the modus operandi of demonetization, the ordinary common folks became the worst victims.

Some may eulogizing the decision is bold, black money is needed to eradicate from the market, which is almost operating a parallel economy, and political parties, across the all party line, primarily depending on black money to come to the corridor of power. We must not forget, the present government too came to power followed by the same design! It is an open secret, that all political parties resort to donations from industrial houses and business houses, and I am suspicious, how many of their accounts being audited and how many of them truly disclosed their sources of money, which they extravagantly spend during any election. Yes, the counterfeit money is greater threat to economy and black money are almost determining who will be coming to the power politics.

But, the present policy being adopted by our Prime Minister is surely not just epoch making, but rather once in a millennium, a country could experience! Whether a bold or callous decision, obviously time will tell. But, purging black money or counterfeit currencies, which definitely jeopardizing our economy, and unable to ensure lower denomination currencies adequately, making the administrative mechanism paralyzed, causing great deal of unrest and indignation to common folk, who are comprising nearly more than ninety percent of the population. They are being largely humiliated and confronting immense plight to pull out their livelihood.

But, in his speech addressing to the common mass, he is overwhelmingly beating his own drum, emphatically declaring, he deserves appreciation from the common mass to fight against black money, utterly ignoring that lack of adequate infrastructure to combat such crisis, and claiming that, the common mass who are suffering to withdraw money from the bank, standing in the long queue, are the black marketers, whom he forced to stand in the queue! Who will buy, that the corrupt businessmen are in the queue and they have no wit and intellect to maneuver and manipulate, since nearly seventy years of experience, they are incapable to manipulate and they are truly being intimated by such rectifying measures? If they are capable to hoard and by resorting to unfair means to garner inordinate wealth, will they be so easily curbed? This hoodwinking policy, no longer going to buy ample credibility from the common mass, out of whose support, you enjoy power and privileges to retain yourself in the corridor of power. Please Prime minister, don’t undermine our strength. Don’t forget we are the only driving force of world history and don’t underestimate our strength. Your social media campaign alone cannot immune you. Present U.S. election amply reflected, how new media and social media are confusing, when it deals with majority’s sentiments. Beating his own drum to initiate a crusade against black money brazenly, virtually I guess, he is giving greater fillip to unfair businessmen to be encouraged for making more mess to Indian economy, and India will perhaps soon experience an economic crisis and slowdown in G.D.P. which our country had not experienced during global recession.

Thus, he is focusing on common people, making their life miserable, who are standing at the queue for long hours to withdraw their hard earn money from savings account, resulting them to lost faith on their own currency. He is subsequently claiming, ’I have forced the black money holders to stand in the queue and with draw a paltry amount’. Are those people, who are standing in the queue for inordinate time to withdraw only four thousand money, as per the stipulation of the finance ministry for their immediate use, out of their immediate need, are black money holders? There is no reason to humiliate ordinary people and targeting the political opponents. No need to consider people as bunch of fools.

Prior to declaring the policy of demonetization, there was no such comprehensive plan, resulting to emerge a scenario of chaos and disorder. Mainly the downtrodden, low middle class and middle class are standing on the queue, who are actually standing for withdrawal for their hard earned money to substantiate their daily need. They should not be undermined, manhandled and humiliated. They are not at all aware about the policy execution and its very intention; neither have any clarity about how this policy will drive away black money. But, being helpless, confused and perplexed, they are forced to put their feet on P.M. Modi’s shoe and thus Modi economics became emphatic and bold, drawn plaudits from Pundits(?) in economics, who have very little practical knowledge and blowing the issue out of proportion, trying to focus Modi as a cult figure and messiah to country’s economic crisis.

Common people are not actually able to comprehend what exactly is rolling on in their social milieu. They are utterly in bizarre! Neither they are aware of economics, nor politics, which is actually the intense form of economy and the base on which the edifice of society is standing upon. Despite its character is abstract, but the physical manifestation of it as currency, making them go berserk, not having the required quantity adequately in their hand to pull out their livelihood. But, being helpless, perplexed and confused, they are forced to put their feet in Prime Minister’s shoe and the Modi-economics gradually unfolding emphatically, drawing plaudits from few Expert (?) of economics, who are eulogizing Mr. Modi for his bold steps to curb black money in this fashion, addressing him as a cult figure and a messiah to country’s economic crisis and imbroglio!

There is a clear apathy of ameliorating the condition of the majority, from the policy framers of the present government and initiating more rigorous rules to exploit the poor common mass and virtually guiding them to the brink of despondence. Yet, people are patiently enduring all plights, expecting truly their ‘Good Day’ will soon emerge. Politics itself is the art of delivering half-truth, and common mass always pay the price of policy failures. However, from 9th November, 2016, country India is almost experiencing an emergency situation and the turbulence and misery it initiate to the common folks are making their life deplorable. Insufficient cash flow through Banks and without having proper infrastructure to confront this war like scenario, out of only lack of currencies, people’s lives has been almost paralyzed, precisely for daily wage earners and the businessmen, engaged in trading products for daily uses. Demonetization almost caused a dementia and its impact to the existing social fabric is miserable.

Black money, bribery and unfair trade practices have ingrained deeply in Indian social, economic and political scenario. Sowing a seed eventually turned in to not mere weed, rather a big banyan trees, deeply rooted in our society. All of a certain, it is almost unsurmountable to uproot it by an abrupt introducing of demonetization scheme, and will not suffice the prolonged ailment. Once the trees become dense, turning in a forest, enabling to breathe for many, if suddenly being introduced to evict by certain efforts, of course, there will be an imbalance in the available natural landscape, inviting another threat of ecological imbalance, which in nature we are experiencing with. Similarly, to evict corruption from the society, there cannot be any overnight policy and its execution, paving the way for purging the society with a holistic approach at a glance. Across the party line and ideology, how all political parties are being funded during elections is open secret. How the people in the corridor of power then exist and how doing betterment to common mass, using them as bait will go on? Why ordinary mass will be continuously subjected to whims and caprice of the few? Why ordinary people have to confront with such ordeal? Why the people in the helm of administration will not be accountable for their unrealistic approach? Will they not be penalized for their whimsical and manufactured patriotism, holding counterfeit currencies and black money is only responsible for terrorism, and instilling a fear on common people, that if they dare to uphold their voices against this policy of demonetization, they will be treated as anti-national? Instead of Economics, the policy being adopted by the present government are only reflecting a mindset, sort of ‘Fanatics’, out of which only few are busy to catch fishes in this troubled water. Hypocrisy and hoodwinking mass is the only U.S.P. of present politics, adding with the spices of pseudo nationalism and intolerance, paving the way for an unwanted unrest, where majority are lying in jittery and any untoward incidents could surface, causing mayhem to the available political system. What a faux pas we are unnecessarily welcoming!


Harvey Lloyd 15/11/2016 · #3

#2 @Ali Anani i believe we woke the silent majority here in the USA. Unfortunately, it was at a time when the selections were not optimum.

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Ali Anani 15/11/2016 · #2

Yes, and I agree with your comment @Harvey Lloyd. Like any society, grouping or whatever we tend to have a silent majority. Your insights are beautiful dear @debasish majumder. I must add that silent majority mabt act like time bombs as they keep their emotions inside and may escalate to their bursting point.

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Harvey Lloyd 15/11/2016 · #1

@debasish majumder thanks for the insight into India. It would appear that there is a silent majority in every economy. Those that find there path and work hard to thrive. Ignoring the drum beats of political machines.

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