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In award distribution ceremony of a reputed school, all guardians are cordially invited by the school authority. Aloke stood first in the exam, and accordingly he will be awarded today. He is the star of today’s annual function. He is accompanied by his parents. His batch mate and close friend Ramen is also accompanied by his parents. All parents are invited from the part of the school to attend as there will be a cultural program, presided by the distinguished, who are luminary from various walks of life. Whole atmosphere of the school is jovial and electrifying. Students from all classes are cladding colorful dresses, and the whole atmosphere bears the testimony, that, children are truly manifestation of divinity! The ambiance is exuberant, containing music itself, triggering all to dance with a unique symphony!

After the festival is over, all have returned to their own haven and the school building suddenly eclipsed into utter darkness devoid of children’s noise and chatter, as if a haunted house.

After reaching house, Aloke’s father loudly declaring his elation with pride, addressing to his wife, ‘look Aloka, this is my son! He knows the responsibility how to make his father happy, as his father is toiling day and night only to ensures his family’s happiness,’ Aloke’s father Arindam vent out his ecstasy. Btu, in reality, Aloke usually remain majority of the time with his mother Aloka, who used to devote her all effort and sacrifice her own liking and disliking for the sake of nurturing her son Aloke, as Aloke’s faher Arindam had to stay most of the time out of his house for the sake of his job. Hardly had he used to stay in his home, and even whenever he is in the house, he love to roam with his family or may be in his friend’s association for his own recreation. It is Aloka, whose diligence and hard effort, Aloke is experiencing envious success. Though Arindam never hesitate to proudly beat his own drum, taking credit shamelessly that Aloke’s success is precisely for the prime reason that, he is his son and he is endowed with success genetically! Though being ignored, Aloka remained silent, not arguing with Arindam, because after all success matters and she is happy too. But, it is true, that without her incessant effort, strict vigil and continuous monitoring it was not possible for Aloke to yield such rich dividend, without undermining Aloke’s merit and effort too.

On contrary, in Ramen’s house, the picture is utterly opposite. Ramen’s father is rebuking Ramen, accusing him as worthless despite so much money being spent for his education and blaming his wife Renuka for his son’s upset result, unable to surpass Aloke, though they are close friend. He became utterly wild and screamed at his wife, ‘look Renuka, this is yours son, a blunt headed idiot! You ought to be proud of him? Actually female’s intellectual frequency is so low that they only can bear and nurture such idiot’, Ramen’s father Rohan affirms without an iota of qualms. Rohan unhesitatingly blamed his wife for Ramen’s discontenting result which made his wife Renuka sheer nonplussed! She could not believe that she is living with this person for more than sixteen years, sharing the same roof, who is adamant, brazen and uncivilized, only focused on his masculine trait! He have no sense of collective responsibility and always give handful of money to his son and gave in to his all demand for which his son became gradually adamant and arrogant and even never hesitate to undermine his mother even in a trifle account. Ramen’s father equally had to stay away from his family owing to his job and sometimes for number of months for foreign trips as per the demand of his job, and just he cannot provide quality tomes with his family, he used to give plenty of money to Ramen as bribe, resulting him to go for astray.

Striking features, in both the cases, father of the both boys used to stay away most of the times from their respective houses, but in outlook towards their own family, surprisingly there is a gulf of difference. Both are well educated and apparently sophisticated, but what a significantly difference of opinion they possess and how differently they manifest in different magnitude! ‘Credit goes to Father and ‘Failure’ goes to Mother, what a fallacy we are experiencing!

If we ponder deeply, why these difference prevalent in our society, we have ponder deeply with a scientific approach.

Father and mother form a family. They are the unit of a society and obviously, their reflections derive from the available social fabric they are dwelling. The concepts they generate, the outlook they possess regarding women are nothing, but the outcome of the practice prevails in the society, where male are dominating and women are nothing but an object of their fancy. Women are subjugated, their utterances are ignored and atrocities against women are a common phenomenon. Though there is a tendency being emanated from the society where women are responsible for their own misery and primarily for their low intellectual frequency, comparing to their male counterpart. They deserve to be treated accordingly and even it is judicious to treat them as underdog. They are only fit in the house hold chores, where despite being delivering insurmountable job, obviously comparing to their male counterpart, they remained ignored and their endeavors are being glorified as if they are born to deliver their lives and efforts for these works only! Even surprisingly, they are subjected to various oppression, where the senior members from their own fraternity subscribe the views of male’s evaluations; act as an instrumental to promote impetus to women's exploitation and sufferings. Precisely, in the developing nations, women are not being trusted that they are equally capable to prove, they too possess intellectual mettle and could be simultaneously adept to deliver duties in other arena of corporate lives, provided, they are being given the opportunity. It is the destiny of the women and unfortunately, in many cases, women are being forced to subscribe that they are weaker sex. There is a sense of qualms engulfed them that, they are guilty of under performing in an available circumstance, where the workplace harassment and other impediments they confront are being described as trifle, and eventually inferred, that women are truly incapable to adapt with the external atmosphere and they deserved to be encapsulated by the male counterpart with an alibi, that nature has construe them accordingly where they needed to be protected, forgetting it is they only and their diligence and tremendous effort we are getting quality resources as they spend quality time with their sincere effort, sacrificing their own desire and wish, just to nurture and transform a child into an outstanding prodigy. But, it is eventually father who enjoys the fruit and claimed to be responsible for a child’s excelling quality!

When a child is in the fetus of the mother, it receives the impulses of the external world through ‘Amniotic Fluid’. Even after birth, for a considerable time, mother feeds her child and apart from oxygen, a child entirely depends on mother colostrum to survive, not on any conditions of the external world. A child is an integral part of the mother.

But, if we ponder in much deeper, it is the “Mitochondrial Genome”, entirely responsible for configuring the gene, almost replication of maternal inheritance. Mitochondrial D.N.A is inherited from the mother which only plays the key role in order to determine the criteria of a child’s attributes. Thus uni parental pattern is evident from scientific findings. It was reported that paternal sperm mitochondria (containing mt DNA) are marked with Ubiquitin to select them for later destruction inside the embryo. The fact that mitochondrial DNA is maternally inherited enables Genealogical researchers to trace maternal lineage far back in time. Y chromosomal DNA, paternally inherited is used as an analogous way to determine the patrilineal history. The concept of Mitochondrial Eve is based on the same type of analysis, attempting to discover the origin of “Humanity” by tracking the lineage back in time.

We know that Zona Pellucida is a Glycoprotein layer surrounding the plasma membrane of mammalian oocytes and its immense gravity. The Zona Pellucida used to play the predominant role through acrosome reaction, thus enable to establish the hegemony of maternal mitochondria DNA to overbear on paternal characteristics of human beings.

However, considering the maternal inheritance, we are in conundrum, experiencing where male confronting with female in an available social fabric, entirely being woven by the male fraternity out of production relation equation in the society and having the reign on wealth and opulence in a social structure being crafted by men out of their superior physical structure. But, the quandary is, that the concern men are also being guided by the maternal inherited genome.

Are we experiencing the feud as if mother is fighting with a step-mother in terms of acquiring power and inclining to establishing hegemony in a given social structure?

Male cannot be an absolute quality. Female and male, both comprise in one. While we are studying the nuances of cells and its power house, it becomes evident. What actually we are fighting for? Whom we in tend to degrade and dominate? Why we are inclined to beckon our own ignominy? Why do we fight for empowerment for women, while women are already empowered in terms of mitochondrial genome construction? While mitochondrial genome is being entirely configured with maternal features, why we are indulging in an imbroglio, causing detriment to mankind and impeding humanity? I myself is clouded with sheer imbroglio!

Ali Anani 28/9/2016 · #4

There are times I feel I should not be the first to comment. It happens frequently with @debasish majumder buzzes. However; societies may advance in many forms and directions, but may still falling behind if they ignore the role of women Advancing technological thinking without advancing social thinking could be a recipe for disasters dear @Aurorasa Sima.

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Aurorasa Sima 28/9/2016 · #3

I very much appreciate you and your writing, dear @debasish majumder. This post of yours allows me to learn a little bit about the culture in your home country and the situation of women there. I know how blessed I am to have lived in countries that have progressed tremendously already.
#1 Ali, you should not wait to long, I am waiting for your "daring" comments (;

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Brian McKenzie 28/9/2016 · #2

When you change the quote, the attribution is no longer appropriate.

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Ali Anani 27/9/2016 · #1

Yu ask many daring questions dear @debasish majumder. However; I shall postpone my "daring" comment till have read comments by few women.

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