debasish majumder en Dr. Ali Anani, Fractals Forever, beBee in English ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVE 23/9/2016 · 1 min de lectura · 1,3K


Eyes are lovely, dark and deep

Eyes have its pupils, iris, produce images and weep

Our cerebral act for its command

What we visualize in errand!

Eyes are enigma

Sometimes may offer stigma

We roll on eyes

Or, our eyes roll us and entice

To become friendly or inimical

The dynamics of eyes are sheer phenomenal!

Sometimes we express rapture, sometimes rant

Eyes what capture, we are servile to its stand

We get confused with real and surreal

Instigate us to promote upheaval

Sanctity of eyes may foiled by homily

Vile enmity clouded us surreptitiously

Lovely eyes can scourge and devastate the serenity

Though can promote peace with perpetuity

What we majority crave only with serendipity!

Lovely dark, deep eyes

A subject of awe, we seldom get hypnotized

It appears like spectre

Surrounded by shadow

Like penumbra and umbra

We are confused to calibrate

Being captivated with subsistence and sustenance

Where we actually lie?

We eventually guided by “I” of an ‘Eye’

Caught into the vortex of spectrum

It is eye which ultimately scripts our wisdom!

Out of our vision

We are making our deadly mission

Declaring few nations as rogues

Epicenter of terrorism, a new warfare in vogue

A disruptive mechanism

Thus inducing us to entangle in mayhem

Not noticing the tears of numerous innocents

Closing our eyes, not to see the disdain we beckon

A menace, we ourselves are scripting, where humanity bygone!

We urge all sensible to open our eyes

We should not be pretended as blind and merciless

When we have eyes

We must respond to our unique sensory organ

We are gifted to develop mankind, not to be slayed with inhuman!

Eagle can fly over the cloud

But it can see its prey distinct and loud

To display only cruelty, a natural sinister

But, we human are champion

For our gracious and unanimous banister

To soar high with our conventional guitar

A music we blow, a soothing and heart contenting flair

Which unite us as a global citizen in our lyre!

Eyes only enable us with a virtuous vision

Humanities train moves thus with a rocketing motion

Eyes are boon with encircling dark deep shadow

Inbuilt haven on us like burrow

This sends signals to our brain

We human only have the quality of equity

A gifted ingenuity

To reign on Earth and defeating all evil

We only eventually prevail to destroy all peril!