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FALLACY OF LEADERSHIP!An innocent ant moving purposefully

Towards a granule of sweet to keep in its repository

Not knowing it will be soon killed

By the pests being applied only to be grilled

Is it its destiny being thus scripted?

When a tiny creature’s life abruptly ended!

Is there any flaw in terms of its purpose?

Is it an action without any empathy being termed in verbose?

A man went to the field

To dispense his labor for harvest

Suddenly he was bitten by a venomous snake

His life thus equally concluded in unceremonious zest!

Was his purpose of life a mere surmise?

For which his odyssey of life abruptly ended in utter surprise!

A wealthy man with holistic approach

Persuaded his workers to devote

Assuring them with lucrative incentives

Driven them like mad for his unrestrained avarice

End of the day the workers experience dismal picture

They are sheer deceived by the man’s nefarious trait in rapture!

From the two opposite emotional frame

Both engaged with joviality in a mysterious game

How one may shower empathy towards other

From the different pole they belong with their own clamor

Both are driven by their own class interests

One may succeed out of their predominance

May we term the victorious class as innovative?

Only to glorify the injustice to prove other’s claim abortive

To whom we subscribe is also depend on our class

To vilify other is our only agenda to invigorate our nerves!

Is it at all a sensible catharsis?

On which we board to substantiate our claim with a pejorative synopsis!

Lance 🐝 Scoular 20/9/2017 · #13


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Gert Scholtz 20/9/2017 · #12

@Debasish Majumder A man in the field and a man in industry - which is best? You probe and pose the question very well Debasish.

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the spirit of the lion enters all what is truly beautiful for mankind @Debasish Majumder thank you for another gem

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Pascal Derrien 15/9/2017 · #8

Always wondered what an ant may think about the world around her 😀 Getting there now

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Cyndi wilkins 15/9/2017 · #7

Rock on Debasish;-)

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May we term the victorious class as innovative? NO

Only to glorify the injustice to prove other’s claim abortive. Our current state of affairs.

A brilliant truthfull poem yet again. Thank you @Debasish Majumder

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