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Election mania

Whether in U.S. or other continent or country

In the global paraphernalia

Making people as a bait

Trying to impress people with emphatic ingress

Exploiting people’s emotions with their maneuvering prowess

A sheer dementia!

Almost causing amnesia

People subscribe with their electrifying vibes

Unknowingly caught into the vortex of such weird tribes

Become victims by virtue of their hypes

A catastrophe they eventually beckon

Where statesmen like pythons excruciating their happy tone

What a sad development we ordinary folks are experiencing

Since time immemorial and prolonged!

Is this called leadership?

Where we eulogize leaders as flagship

Depending on them to navigate us

But eventually being encompasses with inexplicable fuss

Alas! We trusted them blindly

With a hope of emancipation with serendipity

We are bemused by their discourses

They eventually guide us for their convenience

Making a realm, which may only feed their self- interests?

Later we may remorse

But, already an irreparable damage they made with their brazen episode

Caused immense plight and misery

Is it only scripted in our destiny?


When the regime will come

When the furor of leaders become calm

They will only supposed to act as managers

Giving only reflections of people’s aspirations and desire

A consensus only would prevail

Where people across the globe in gale

No harbinger may eventually emerge

In disguise of leader to perplex mass

With an evil intent to focus only self-interests

And incite only people’s unrest

When we will discard our obsession for cult figure?

Who only capable to jeopardize our social structure and disfigure

Leadership should be an abstract and ideological face

Where people will willingly resort to find their utterances’ and solace

A true reflection of consortium

For the sake of mankind, it is only premium!