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‘Judge a book out of its cover only’ is quite relevant in accordance to the available milieu we are dwelling with, where business and profit we only really mean and we ardently crave for. If one may go to a publishing house to publish a book, surely the publisher will suggest you to make a stunning cover, which may attract the readers. ‘Cover’ is a vital part of a book. We have never seen a book without its ‘Cover’. Cover, wrapper, these are all now claiming their paramountcy in this market driven economy, and failing to attract people out of cover, surely will result in loss of the expected number of readers.

On contrary, ‘Do not judge a book out of cover’ appears as cliché and impertinent in accordance with the present context, where sufficient revenue if it may fail to generate, surely it will be discarded as a book of importance and will inevitably lose its relevance. We may concur that, ’Content is the only king’, in order to signify the gravity of content, but, we cannot rule out, why we crave for ‘Cover’ which equally essential with a stunning representation? If ‘content’ is the king, then, ‘Cover’ is its crown. Now, will any king willingly abdicate the crown?

It is true that, we tend to go inside of a thing from its apparent manifestation. From a tree, we tend to reach to the wood. From outside, we perceive the constituents lying in its inside. By virtue of our senses, we can receive the impulses of the outside world, which eventually reflect in our cerebral.

Cover saves us from nudity. If there is no cover, how will we hide our hypocrisy, evil intent, false promises, as well, our virtues, which are practically an abstract one and can be only felt in our cerebral. Now our body politic, being accordingly designed, is saving us from being exposed out of cover only. Our nefarious faculties, as well nobility, all are nicely hidden by virtue of cover.

So ‘the first impression is the last impression’, aptly suggest, how pertinent the ‘Cover’ is. If face is the index of mind, then we must be grateful to the unique craft of our ‘Cover’ since our inception, as the gesture it makes or its manifestation or ostentation enable us to reach out to a crux, while evaluating or judging one apparently.

Whenever there is redundant or superfluous promises by the modern business houses, with an willingness to express the alacrity to usher unsolicited convenience to the majority, out of its approach by virtue of resorting to a ‘Cover’ may suggest, how pernicious it could be, in terms of its vile intention, as well, the paucity of values, aiming to do true betterment to the majority, which in due time only reveal, giving us a vivid picture about the diplomacy attached with its ‘Cover’, merely to cover their hoodwinking trait. Such business might gain huge momentum in a very short span of time, but, ultimately it equally mop up its very existence, moment the veil or cover may denuded.

However, it is the ‘Cover’, which facilitate us to know what exactly is lying in its inside, in a hidden state. It is the experience, which being engendered from nature’s design and manifested in the bosom of nature, alone guides us to reach to a corollary, that how pertinent the ‘Cover’ is.

In this market driven economy, where profit is the only moto and to acquire market by hook or crook, is the only agenda, leading us to form an ambiance, where we all are clouded with its charismatic blow, hardly able to comprehend or determine, how helpless we are to protect ourselves from their prey of market economy, unknowingly indulging ourselves to ruin us by the nefarious ploy of this economic feature, where hidden agenda being nicely veiled with a unique tool of their coy.

Sadly, we cannot rule out, how imbecile we are and surely no match to the available environment we are dwelling, where adapting with jeopardy has carved a niche in our faculty, forcing us to succumb to the atmosphere we are confronting, without making any emphatic move to ensure sustainability of our entity from gradual annihilation. Yet, we are obsessed with ‘Cover’, which only hover on us, alluring us to admire its beauty and gravity, which is the greatest enemy to humanity! Nice ‘Cover’ with a nice look can only promote a nice crook. 


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@Debasish Majumder again :) Great news!

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thank you very much @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador for your warm appreciation. i am privileged and honored madam.

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😉 I'm glad to see you're posting on beBee again. Welcome back. A worthy and timely read @Debasish Majumder. It seems common sense takes a back seat to ignorance much to often.

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