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‘Judge a book out of its cover only’ is quite relevant in accordance to the available milieu we are dwelling with, where business and profit we only really mean and we ardently crave for. If one may go to a publishing house to publish a book, surely the publisher will suggest you to make a stunning cover, which may attract the readers. ‘Cover’ is a vital part of a book. We have never seen a book without its ‘Cover’. Cover, wrapper, these are all now claiming their paramountcy in this market driven economy, and failing to attract people out of cover, surely will result in loss of the expected number of readers.

On contrary, ‘Do not judge a book out of cover’ appears as cliché and impertinent in accordance with the present context, where sufficient revenue if it may fail to generate, surely it will be discarded as a book of importance and will inevitably lose its relevance. We may concur that, ’Content is the only king’, in order to signify the gravity of content, but, we cannot rule out, why we crave for ‘Cover’ which equally essential with a stunning representation? If ‘content’ is the king, then, ‘Cover’ is its crown. Now, will any king willingly abdicate the crown?

It is true that, we tend to go inside of a thing from i