debasish majumder en Consortium Hive, Poems and Short Stories, beBee in English ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVE 11/11/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +900


King, please wear your kingly attire

We common mass, cannot comprehend your satire

Take notice your majesty, you are nude!

Perplexing us with bewilderment, we are bemused!

You have so much wealth in your repository

Still why you expose your mendicancy?

Begging for alms

Keeping us in qualms

What is exactly your agenda?

To camouflage and ruin us

We are willingly dedicating ourselves as a mere mass

Why you playing such hypocritical ploy?

How long we have to be victimized for your nefarious coy?

King, you are great!

We humbly salute you for your chameleon like trait!

Ruling and protecting us

Your only agenda you emphatically focused

We oblige to your tune

We rely on your utterance with attune

You are like piped piper of Hamlin

We are just like rodent to respond to your vile design

You address us as supreme

We fall into your dice, considering us as prime

Beckoning unknowingly our own jeopardy

King, we unable to fathom your trick, responsible for our all misery

We are sheer insignificant to your stature

Always clouded with jittery for your deliberate massacre

Inundated with acrimony and pain

Yet, we helplessly observe our protests are in vain

Apprehending our drudgery is our destiny

Yet we depend on you, our helplessness to your sovereign treachery!

But, please listen to our appeal

Yet time is left for you to repeal

Lest you hardly get any time

To atone your exorbitant crime

Please do ponder of our prolonged dirge

Otherwise you are subjected to our purge

Eliminating you from administrative protocol

At the present hour this is our utmost call

You are in the brink of a grand black hole

Where gravity is too high to catch all nefarious troll

Please try to amend, bring prosperity to mass

Don’t deceive us

Or you will be reduced to carcass

Inciting only vultures to explore your residual mass!