debasish majumder en Dr. Ali Anani, Fractals Forever, beBee in English ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVE 20/9/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +800


I loved a girl

Madly, but vocal

No hide and seek in our expression

People are envious to see us in rendezvous

They are jealous to our music in chorus

We never made a tune in solo

Love made us oblivious to the vicinity

An elixir, we enjoyed profusely!

I thought I have everything to give her

No regret I bear to soothe her

My toil, sweat, joy and tears

All are aiming to inundate her with fervor

We both are happy

Indulged ourselves in reverie

A jocund company, I enjoyed with heart’s content

Emotions thus engulfed me in vibrant

Love, love, and for love alone

I am eager to dedicate my all mundane echelon!

One fine morning

The day began with usual shinning

I was in a merry making mood

As today is my birthday

A grand occasion to celebrate with gay

Expecting a gift of distinction from her end

A delightful bouquet rose in blood stained

Indulging in solitary

Spinning wild tales with romantic essence

And her majestic presence

Utterly absorbed in my own domain

Where apart from her none are allowed to invade and reign!

Abruptly she appeared and asked, ’how much do you love?’

Resolutely I answered, ‘it has been resolved without quandary and fuss.’

‘What you can do for me?’

‘I will dedicate my heart for thee.’

‘Will you can give me a sum of money?’

With an iota of hesitation I gave the sum instantly

That was all I had till then by hard earning

I became instantly literally destitute to respond to her yearning

She immediately departed, kept me in utter perplexed

I immediately clouded with despondence, unable to recapitulate

Abrupt event made me nonpluses

Emotion thus devastated my impulses!

I eventually absorbed in my thought

Where she is my epicenter, in dilemma, whether she is in deep gorge

I myself was accusing for my weird trait

Why did not I accompany her, to save her from distress?