debasish majumder en Poems and Short Stories, Dr. Ali Anani, beBee in English ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVE 18/10/2016 · 1 min de lectura · 1,4K


Be bee

A lovely social networking platform for affinity

Where myriad of professionally sound acumen

Resplendently represent them as doyen

Humility, humanity, empathy galore

Profanity here has no room to explore

Bees are busy here making honey

Buzzing mellifluously, what a harmony!

Ambassadors are here enticing bees with unique symphony

Beckoning all to become a part of such lovely company

Inviting cordially all bees to make honey

Tirelessly they spirally move

Miles after miles in grove

In hives we thrive

Even in winter we enjoy our vibes

Social beings we are

Nectar is the source for us to make clamor

Delicious honey we crave to make

Divine drink, we only can dispense and rave!

Unlike medieval colony

Where only expression of hegemony

Blood-shed, agony and acrimony

Our bees’ colony

Having a rhythm of divine symphony

Inviting cordially all from every walk of life to act as glue

Making honey is our only agenda in a congenial milieu

Make enrich, be enriched

Allow all to become rich

Produce buzz, a bonhomie amused us

A healthy milieu we aspire to reap in chorus!


🐝 Fatima Williams 22/10/2016 · #15

Beautiful poem @debasish majumder We celebrate with you this happy beBee song.

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Gerald Hecht 22/10/2016 · #14

It took a while to sink in --thank you for the tremendous inspiration; and your forbearance; it still frightens me when I lose sight of the forest for the trees ...thank you @debasish majumder.

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 20/10/2016 · #13

#4 @Gerald Hecht I am so confused by your comments? What is the fractal mafia? @debasish majumder wrote this post with nothing except kindness in mind. It is also his way of thanking beBee and the community for becoming an Ambassdor, which by the way, Congrats again to you Debasish, very happy for you!

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Gerald Hecht 20/10/2016 · #12

The poem of the eunuch (or leprechaun) ✨🚀💋🎯

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 20/10/2016 · #11

@debasish majumder, what a beautiful message contained within your poem about bees and the philosophy of diplomatic networking with others on beBee. Respect for others is one form of harmony. Thanks for sharing your lovely message through poetry

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 19/10/2016 · #9

#3 I vote for the word "mellifluously" to be included into the "New Dictionary of Profanity". Right now it means "having a sweet and rich flow" or "sweetly or smoothly flowing". Reality is that the Seven Words skit by George Carlin sums up the absurdity

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