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Are you thinking I hanker for only award and recognition?

I only crave to make a dent out of my sincere attribution

Never be satiated for only reward

You must have got me wrong

I don’t bother your camouflaging enticement

I penned down out of compulsion

My only fancy to express my faculty’s inclination

With a conscious effort to give an honest reflection

Not allowing being my frontal lobe ceased by external throb

I don’t care any snob

Whether they may tend to humiliate me

With their capricious design to rob

My passion is my valiant expression

Cannot be tamed or subdued by any whimsical temptation

Or any arrogant domination

I enjoy my expression with élan

Without any compulsion to serve one’s design of dispensation.

I don’t adhere to any arrogant domination

You can sensor me in your channel, I have no vexation

Which is your sole discretion and to me a deterrence

But myriad are in rise with more vibrant

I can comfortably resonate and can be jubilant

Where my utterances are respected,

And acknowledged, I may endow with reverence!

If necessary I can show adieu

Humility is only thing I adore with its delectable hue

If it has been ignored

None I bothered, none I endured

I am not at all in a mindset

To compromise with such whimsical trait

No mundane wealth can draw my attention

I know, those are all ephemeral

Cannot be validated in any form and presentation

If you fail to offer humility

At least don’t molest one’s dignity!


Though I am a fry

Microscope requires observing my cry

Yet I exist as well persist

From the ashes I emerge as phoenix

Having the freedom to fly for infinity

This bears my eloquent testimony

I may die, but my epitaph is my insignia

I lead a life with pride, my only inertia!

debasish majumder 23/11/2016 · #4

#3 Thank you very much sir @Ali Anani for being kind enough to go through my post and shared your warm appreciation and support. actually the nuances of modesty i honestly learn from you, precisely how effective tool it is in modern digital media, where majority lose their calm and tend to resort to useless ventilating their irritation, despite being humiliated, and resulting them to bring infamy for them. but, on contrary, your address all with a modest 'dear' word, despite their comment may not subscribe with your views, is truly a lesson for many to learn, setting an axiom for many to follow. once more thanks sir for your appreciation. i am privileged and honored.

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Ali Anani 23/11/2016 · #3

Dear @debasish majumder- now, I find a new gift that you have. you are a sarcastic writer and poet without being rude. This is very difficult to achieve, but you do. The message is clear and the flow of ideas is envious. Congratulations

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John White, MBA 23/11/2016 · #2

I have shared your clever post to the Social Marketing Solutions Hive. Buzz on!

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Mark Anthony 23/11/2016 · #1

Thankyou . Intriguing message

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