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We know that Octopus have three hearts and Bees have five eyes! We are equally the fifth stages of Homo Sapience Sapience, who are capable to adapt with the available circumstances confronted with, and virtually emerged as a champion one, in terms of intellect and developed faculty. In the early stage, we knew that, only to defend ourselves from adversities. Later, in due course, we learn to attack. We learn to discover fire or light, and accordingly intimidated other fierce animals, who were frightened from fire, envisaging it may cause harm to them. Virtually, we emerged as superior in terms of learning the duality of attack and defend. Thus in the battle of life and adaptation, we established our supremacy and hegemony on all other living beings, taming them and exploiting them according to our convenience by virtue of evolving a strategic equilibrium in terms of warfare affairs. 

Even, in the passage of time, within the classes, this strategy of attack and defense was not ingenious. Virtually, the exchange of strategy between the classes enriched both, giving a new dimension and magnitude to the existing status of art of living. The excessive oppression and hegemony of superior class towards oppressed clan, engender a new design of warfare among the human beings, resulting a qualitative change in the available human social fabric, unlike other creatures in the nature, where there is only existence of single sided traffic,