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We know that Octopus have three hearts and Bees have five eyes! We are equally the fifth stages of Homo Sapience Sapience, who are capable to adapt with the available circumstances confronted with, and virtually emerged as a champion one, in terms of intellect and developed faculty. In the early stage, we knew that, only to defend ourselves from adversities. Later, in due course, we learn to attack. We learn to discover fire or light, and accordingly intimidated other fierce animals, who were frightened from fire, envisaging it may cause harm to them. Virtually, we emerged as superior in terms of learning the duality of attack and defend. Thus in the battle of life and adaptation, we established our supremacy and hegemony on all other living beings, taming them and exploiting them according to our convenience by virtue of evolving a strategic equilibrium in terms of warfare affairs. 

Even, in the passage of time, within the classes, this strategy of attack and defense was not ingenious. Virtually, the exchange of strategy between the classes enriched both, giving a new dimension and magnitude to the existing status of art of living. The excessive oppression and hegemony of superior class towards oppressed clan, engender a new design of warfare among the human beings, resulting a qualitative change in the available human social fabric, unlike other creatures in the nature, where there is only existence of single sided traffic, that is only attack or defend, and that also being guided by the available conditions of nature, which have no such predetermined and desired effort.

Now, let’s talk about business of modern world, where violence is going hand by hand with business. Expansion of market and to grab market out of own predominance and expressing supremacy, corporate houses are orchestrating with technological advancement and its invasion, bring a sheer disruption to the conventional design of expansion, and with the advent of advanced gadgets they are equally initiating a regime with their advanced tool to propagate a new design of violence!

The imbalance being exposed in the social fabric so nakedly, where the corporate houses orchestrated with a new design of dispensation, new media and social media, and effective tool, creating a new era of violence, utterly different in nature, almost inundating the entire world, perplexing majority people with their alluring enticement.

Leaders of new generation are only focused on profits, ignoring the traditional values and ethics, resulting a gross disharmony across the world. Taking advantage of the prevalent imbroglio, it would not be surprising, a new leadership will emerge, who will definitely not be caring about the humanity and there will be soon cacophony prevail, where unlike primitive design, having resemblance with the fierce animals, available perennially in nature, who are devoid of skill to defy, and only attack is the condition of their survival. Only attack being their foremost agenda, not knowing it alone could bring jeopardy to them!

New leadership, new sense of nationalism, discarding parochial design, claiming them to be the only empirical and pragmatic element, which have discerningly expressed in Brexit, eventually flaring up across the world, primarily designed by the developed nations are eventually perhaps beckoning unknowingly a catastrophe across the world, where ordinary mass in large scale become the worst victims.

This unpalatable and inauspicious ingredients are incipient and are going to affect sporadically initially, but ultimately it will infest across the world owing to such eccentric ideology, which is perhaps the result of two ideological confliction, one oppose to other and is responsible to all unwelcomed disaster.

Perhaps, our dear world is going to experience some unusual development, obviously against mankind, which they have not experienced centuries long.

Since Renaissance to till date, we have experienced numerous mass killing episodes, where humanity took back seat.

We are apprehending from the emerging present political scenario that we may expedite a ruinous design, causing great detriment to mankind.

The innovation and disruption already impacted largely to global environmental imbalance. We are continuously fanning all scientific measures fanatically, considering they are enormously giving impetus to the progress of human civilization.

Are we truly safe in the present juncture, where fret has become our only trait, outrageously disfiguring our usual gait? Management is meant for managing men, not damaging men! Is it the true essence of management, where human resources, the most precious imperative is in the verge of catastrophe?


Mohammed A. Jawad 7/11/2016 · #2

Ugh...then racism stinks, and with discrimination there's only dislike and rejection stemming from thoughts of racial dominance.

Indeed, a just atmosphere where there's sense of fidelity and respect for others within a society nurtures humanity. Without this, the corporate world is a legion of bullying entrepreneurs.

Mohammed Sultan 7/11/2016 · #1

Dear @debasish majumder, It's really a great post.Our actions have ever been a reflection of our instinctive feelings,this feeling came out of the idea that if you imitated anything ,you gained power over it.In business as well as in real life when you believe that you are going to win ,the battle is half won.All strategies are designed to win;in the same way we test markets before we launch a product,and also let a small kitten to play with a ball of string to train itself for hunting a mouse.This's almost not dictated by the dominating prestige of physical sciences,but entirely by our instinctive feeling and the passion to win to justify our existence.The same instinctive feeling can also be creative,innovative and poetry ,when is turned into an instinct of doing, making and create things.To conclude;it has to be conceded that the mystery of people attitudes can not directly revealed because they are likely to have a double-face and a double-talk,and our knowledge about people is not necessarily of a scientific nature.