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Today morning starts with a dismal tone. I am sitting alone in my room. Though, going through morning newspaper, but nothing is going in my head. Everywhere there is the story of killing, blood-shed, communal disharmony, conflicts and tension which made me more dismal. I removed the newspaper and stared at the open casement. The clear sky of the morning is playing a mournful tune which is engulfing me with sheer unpleasant flavor. Suddenly, my wife lalita’s intrusion broke the tranquility of the milieu. She said,’ come on, have your tea. Well, what is the name of the boy who lives next door to us? .....Oh, yes, Ramen, why he has taken five thousand rupees from you yesterday?’

I replied,’ he came for asking to donate some money for a boy who is ailing severely and out of poverty his family cannot provide the required medical expenditure. So we all are contributing little bit of their