debasish majumder en Consortium Hive, Fractals Forever, beBee in English ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVE 17/11/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +800


What is money?

Having capacity to bring peace and harmony?

Money can buy anything

What we aspire in our imagination and romanticism?

Is not it a sheer fanaticism?

Money is a medium of exchange

Having capacity to cause dismay and avalanche

To our existing mechanism and social system

What mayhem!

Money alone can buy our aspiration

By exchange of it we emphatically express our proclamation

We can dominate and dictate the world out of our potential

Making immense doldrums

We are amused by its hidden strength, a sheer conundrum!

Money is nothing but a reflection of an abstract relation

Seldom have we comprehended how it works in a melodramatic manifestation

Confuse us with its complex configuration

Devastate us with its supreme exhibition

We are inundated by its arrogant expression

Alas! We are enslaved by its physical domination

Though its strength is a conundrum

But, it’s humdrum

Produce a melody, which we love to listen in random!

Money, you are truly supreme

An invisible entity, yet having predominance on us

A catharsis to our mental regime

We helplessly subdue to its emphatic presence

Our brazen adulation

We crave you with our utmost grand connivance!

Still money, you are mystic by your quality

Without any ambiguity

We unhesitatingly salute to your antics and amazing perpetuity

I wonder how money dictate and dominate us with such Omni blow

Why we salute to its camouflaging glow

What it truly possess in its armory, a surreptitious blow

We are confused by its real, surreal or enigmatic dispensation

Money, you truly put us in dilemma

Without which we truly feel an anathema!