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Sonu and Sonia, both are young couple at their mid-twenties, and fallen in love with each other intensely. Their love affairs quickly followed to the ultimate culmination in their marriage. Now their emotional fret being settled to a conjugal living and they started to dream of their future, about their progeny. Thus their conjugal life started to roll on with its due momentum. They both are daily wage earners and both are engaged as laborers in the real estate industry, which is primarily an unorganized sector. After sparing their day long hard toil, they usually come back to their nest in utter fatigued state, but unlike other workers, they enjoy their life with joviality, intensely attached to each other and roam around with warm vibes of their own. Surely they possess a different trait for which they are quite popular among their working people community and they try to construe an atmosphere healthy enough for the rest of the mass with whom they are dwelling. They initiate among them, by the help of some non-governmental organization, an adult continuing education program along with their own fellow people to upgrade their status and state. They naturally earned a distinction among the rest of the people with whom they live.

In the due course of time, out of their labor of love, Sonia became pregnant. She is being impregnated with a new fruit, carrying in her fetus, having the potential to follow the eternal system of making progeny for future, to contribute additional value for the posterity. Same species with two source of conscious labor being reconciled in the nature’s eternal design, which mortals christened as ‘Love’ to resort to in order to continue to exist in this planet and obviously unlike other living creatures, crafted a social platform to even stay in order. Amazing design surely to be experiencing for all human beings to observe and assimilate!

However, Sonia gave birth of a male baby and they both are so excited that they gave his name ‘Roshan’, bearing the essence of their emotional attachment with new born, their deep fervor for him and their determination to nurture him to the fullest according to their desire to give the shape of their dreams. They both are emotionally engaged in spinning their tales of aspirations. They are vowed to groom him unlike other child who are from socially and economically backward. They are too devoted to ensure the baby’s upbringing with all required amenities at their possible means and are eager, that their child may not have to face any hardships and can smoothly develop as a decent citizen of the country like the children are entitled to enjoy, who are from the privileged class. One thing is truly appreciable with them, that they do not possess any cynical mindset. Their dream is to provide conventional education to their son and make him established in other profession, which is decent and not have to provide so much physical labor as that of them what they bear along with mental anxiety, as their job is no longer having any sustainable provision and there is always jittery engulfed them for pulling out their livelihood. Thus their lives roll on. They are vacillating in their imagining world, hardly having the essence of the lives they are aspiring for and its realm.

However, they both are dedicated to extend all facilities, out of the best of their ability to their son. Sometimes, they both entangled in a dual unconsciously, who can pamper more and become more ingratiated to their son, paving the way for their son more demanding on them, ignoring the limitation and constraints of his parent.

In the passage of time, their son, ‘Roshan’ gradually growing up, mixing with his friends in the school as well with the friends of his ambiance, and the sharp contrast of two apparently different economic and social status, he invariably develop a trait to emulate the attitudes of the higher class, resulting to undermine the boys from his own strata. Equally he started to make numerous demands and unable to cope up with the Roshan’s demand, Sonu and Sonia, both started to allege each other being responsible for Roshan’s arrogant trait.

After doing fairly good results in the school leaving examination, Roshan enrolled himself in the college. There he get acquainted with new type of friends, new atmosphere and of course new culture, where modern gadgets and two wheeler are almost became a part and parcel of modern life. Roshan equally felt an urge to have a motorbike to flaunt the new friend fraternity. At the same time, he could evidently realize that, owing to lower economic and social status, he is not cordially accepted by this new fraternity, who are primarily from the economically privileged class. To afford all required elements, which he considered as an integral part of modern life, he clandestinely involved in unlawful activities. As he knew, owning to the lack of basic education of his parents, they are deprived of all amenities and cultural trait, which now by virtue of his education, he is acquainted with. He cannot resort to the profession what his parents are attached to. Even his parents also openly expressed their desire that their son may adopt a profession, which should be decent in nature and obviously less manual labor required. Their only aspiration is that, their son Roshan may not face any mess, what they are consistently confronting with. Accordingly they invested their hard earn money on him, aspiring that it may yield rich dividend in future. He may not have to engage in the labor intensive sector, what they are attached to. They consistently imposed their dream and desire on him from his nascent stage, without anticipating, what sinister could be hidden in their utmost desire. How it will eventually evolve out of its own hidden potential and quality, and where they will be having no control at all. External milieu how eventually become the determining factor, shaping the future of his endearing son, is entirely beyond their comprehension.

How to gain control over Roshan right from his nascent stage, an abstract value, potentially being hidden on him, the labor of future, which can transform their lives they are aspiring for, craving to make a niche of their own choice in the available society and relentlessly pursuing with all their might for achieving a goal, that too abstract in nature to them! Yet, they are sincerely sticking to their dream, striving to make it true. They are perhaps utterly unaware about how their strong desire and vision being developed from the society they are living and why it appeared as a driving force, navigating them to go for their mission so religiously!

However, quite unknowingly they caught into the vortex of worldly pleasure and mundane luxury, where spiral movement evidently display ups and downs as an integral phenomena and being confused with the actual presence and status in this spiral phenomena, unable to fathom the positional feature in the existing society, a sense of insecurity engulfs one. Not knowing exactly about ones presence in this natural fabric, people usually make weird expression, perhaps unable to translate their existing status. As a result, a weird scenario they also invariably confront with, keeping themselves in utter imbroglio.

Thus, the life of Sonu, Sonia and Roshan is moving on. One night, around 1 A.M., police abruptly barged on their house with a non-bail able warrant, taking their dearest son on their custody, alleging to be involved illicit drug trafficking, by virtue of which he has made brisk money to satiate his own needs.

All of a sudden hell broke on Sonu and Sonia. They felt utterly shattered and helpless. They could not comprehend how their dual being abruptly concluded! Is it in their destiny to eventually meet with such ignominious event? Is it containing in their seed of love? Sheer darkness engulfed them. They have no ray of hope and their horizon of life suddenly shrink into a dark black hole, where gravity is so high, that their enormous labor they spared for the upbringing of their only son, eventually obliterated with perpetuity. They are confined in a dark cavity from where there is no hope for them to escape too. what a dice life played with them!


Aurorasa Sima 27/11/2016 · #7

Beautiful story, Debasish, and such an important message!

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 27/11/2016 · #6

@debasish majumder there are so many nuggets of wisdom within this story... We should be careful not to worship our children least they do not learn the value of hard work and appreciation of honest living.

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David B. Grinberg 27/11/2016 · #5

I agree Debasish, we should all "count our blessings" every day and be grateful for that which we have. Keep buzzing, my friend!

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Paul Walters 27/11/2016 · #4

@debasish majumder A tale of tragedy well told, thank you

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Ali Anani 26/11/2016 · #3

This is a sad story @debasish majumder. I have witnessed similar cases. Social pressures overcome home bringing, drive some people to compare with others and do illegitimate actions to reach the level of the higher class. This ends up only in loss for the whole family and the parents who worked hard to have a son reach a certain qualification only to find out they were sowing in water.

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debasish majumder 26/11/2016 · #2

#1 #1 Thank you very much @Gert Scholtz for your cordial appreciation. i am privileged and honored.

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Gert Scholtz 26/11/2016 · #1

@debasish majumder A tragic story which I am sure often plays out in real life. Wonderfully told Debasish - thank you.

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