PSYCHOSIS IN PROFIT!You know what they want?

To kill and roast

For this only they boast

If they fail, they express their wild rant!

When their only aim is to convert me into delicious fry

They wildly gag my cry

They audaciously discard ecology

To satiate their appetite is their only ideology.

Do you think they at all care of melody?

Idiocrasy is the only tune of their fancy

This may only pave the way for decimation

Their only aspiration to make this planet a platform of extinction!

We may cry with alacrity

No longer desirous to be treated as bait of their eccentricity

Which only obliterate all?

Is this the impending change we all creatures long?

But who cares our vibes

Revenue is their only agenda, they express in brazen jibe

For their propitious gain

There are focused only for our slain!

Desert has a beauty

There oasis manifests its beauty

Religiously it facilitate for living

To quench their thirst and emphatic reveal.

Will we all crave only desert?

Where sand dunes only dance with agility on life to exert