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Othello, Romeo, all are cameo

Shakespeare’s legendary characters

Ingrained since time immemorial in our faculty

We love to foment our virility

And emphatically concur, ‘Bravo’

What a soothing crescendo!

Caesar, Macbeth, continuously influence our mental trait

Greed, control, conquers and quest

Our principal agenda emphatically manifest

In manifold melodramatic zest

Clouded us with mist

Makes our vision blurred

Our Cornea thus gets nutrients from external world

A living cell existing in our body without having vessels to carry blood

What a fuss!

Love and romanticism are its pristine gist

Myriad have dedicated their souls for love

Made this emotional expression a grandeur hub

Where we spirally move to foment the flame of love

As if the only sublime state, we are biased to address.

Love remains an eternal gesture

People are obsessed for its abstract stature

An edifice they make out of illusion

Without aware of its mystic dilution

An invisible sense of elixir

Makes one fanatic

Crave it madly, without knowing its eventual concluding trick

In a passage of time the cloud of love dispel

Hard reality of life unfolded gradually to propel

Where love eventually have no room

Accountability act as a broom

Driving the ghost of emotional fancy

Only grudge, acrimony and cacophony

Take away the heavenly melody

Hovering on us with only mundane monotony!

Love and hate

Both are different side of the same coin

After all, it is the coin

Which accelerate the wheel of history as a doyen?

Though abstract, but mysteriously reign

We are helplessly surrendered to its chameleon like train!

From Slave, Feudal to Capitalistic social structure

Various nomenclature but same rudimentary desire

In a veil of emotion, we manifest an omen

Our only intention to gain control on women

As if they are our personal property

Ignoring their mind and melancholy

To glorify only our own hegemony

We adore and adorn them to satiate our fancy

Alas! Poor soul, cannot comprehend our vile intention

With pretension we express our adulation

They are our imperative, we express it in temptation

We only crave them as our precious possession!

An object of lust, gives reflection to our lecherous inclination

But they are confuse by our camouflaging gait

Dedicate them to our hypocritical trait

As if they are our cult

Whom we worship as deity

This clearly bears the lack of our probity!

Thus they are enslaved till date

Dating in modern style, yet captivated in primitive state

No equality, no sympathy, no melody, no harmony

If they refuse to dance in our tune, we slay them with vindictive propensity

Still we claim for the sake of love

We try to substantiate, though brutal but noble

We are lovers; we know women are only precious out of our clamor

Lest, they have no value, who cares them unless we adore with fervor?

We have only endowed with birth right

To evaluate love as well human right!

Listen woman, for you I can abdicate my throne

But if you refuse to respond to my whim

I will throw you to dungeon

For the sake of love and assertion

Our world has not yet experience any recession!


Why can’t we glorify Juliet, Desdemona like persona?

They are worst victim of men’s unbalanced mental phenomena

Causing a social anathema by brutal activity

We are forced to comply with love’s presence and its depravity

Seldom are we critical with condemnation for such cruelty

About the heinous acts as psychological anomaly

As long society indulge opulence as the symbol of strength

Love will maintain its unsolicited train to glorify and reign

To garner and acquire wealth profuse

In case of love and war we trod all values

Killing and sacrifice being largely epitomize

Annihilation the only essence

From where love derive its eternal presence

Being clouded with divine flavor

Love gained justification to adhere with glamor

Killing and self- killing is not a crime

Rather a symbol to justify, love is prime

An honor to be decimated for the sake of love

Our society thus approves this eccentric graph!

debasish majumder 29/9/2016 · #2

#1 Your 'love' for me washes all grudges, hatred and all form if viciousness, and that i guess, carries the essence of 'eternity'. thank you very much sir Dr. Ali @Ali Anani, Phd. for your continuous support and appreciation. i am privileged and honored for being kind enough to go through my post and shared your valued comment sir.

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Ali Anani 29/9/2016 · #1

Love remains an eternal gesture

People are obsessed for its abstract stature

An edifice they make out of illusion

Without aware of its mystic dilution

An invisible sense of elixir

Makes one fanatic

I love the idea of love is an eternal gesture and I would add eternal and internal because genuine love washes grudge, hatred and all forms of viciousness. I am stealing your image mostly to use in my next buzz dear @debasish majumder on washing old habits and beliefs. I would love to know what you mean exactly by eternal. You are a mature poet my friend. You need no more proofs.

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